No. 72

I’ll write a bit more about Pokemon Diamond
and Pearl today, too.

When in a battle, the lower screen shows
the “FIGHT” button.
It’s a big button, isn’t it?

There’s a reason.

The button is big because of its relation
with the following four moves.
When you press the ‘FIGHT’ button,
you don’t have to move your finger to select
a move, only press the button once more.
In short, I’d like to enable continuous
touches without moving the finger.
I wanted to design it in such a way.
So, to make it even clearer, behind the
‘FIGHT’ button we added shadows of the four

Speaking of which…
Even when you touch on the shadow part of
the moves, it means you selected ‘FIGHT.’
How it looks and how it is actually judged
by the game are different.
This is a technique often employed in game development.

In order for players to keep the finger
in the same place as long as possible.
With regard to the lower screen, every scene
is carefully designed with that in mind.

Also, the color is different because,
even when you are looking at the top screen,
that red button is vaguely in sight, and
I want people to remember that it means ‘FIGHT.’
This way, you can keep on playing without
lowering your eyes to the lower screen,
without focusing your eyes.

The moves are labeled with different colors
according to their types so that you
can easily distinguish them.

Using different colors might seem a simple
thing, but it makes a huge difference in
understanding and distinguishing each move,
because colors are symbolic.
Also, little kids with no knowledge of
alphabets can play it.
In that sense colors are very important.

See ya.