No. 86

Today, I gave a lecture from 10 am at my old school,
Japan Electronics College.
The school is located near Okubo in Shinjuku (Tokyo),
and it’s been many years since I last visited there.
I felt as if I was still a student.

The lecture was only about 40-minute long, but
most students listened to my talk intently
and I think it was a meaningful event.
I hope to have given them some inspiration,
even if it’s small.

As for me, I attended the Computer Graphics course
at that school. Then, CG was not as advanced as
it is now. It was a tool a doctor of mathematics
used for his research, not a tool to ‘express yourself
in drawing,’ and the technology was still primitive.
Techniques such as scan-line method, ray-tracing, radiosity,
and bump mapping were available, but in ray-tracing,
for example, it took more than 1 day to draw one picture.
Now we use virtual images for those time-consuming
manipulations. Computer graphics has become a technique
to draw pictures, not a tool to display an object in
a truly real way.

When I was a student, I learned various topics from
UNIX (OS), 3D programming, such mathematical topics as
normal vector and matrix, to how to come up with
ideas, how to write a plot, or how to draw illustrations.
At that time, I immersed myself with what I found
interesting, but somewhere inside my mind I had a
doubt about their usefulness in the future.
That was not the case!
I’m making full use of what I learned then
for my current job.
Learning is a strange process, isn’t it?

See ya.