Pokemon 12th anniversary column PART 2!

“Pokemon YELLOW”
In this game, Pikachu cries “pikachu!”, like TV animation.
Of course, there is no such high quality sampling function
on the Game Boy hardware.
Therefore, we must think different way to recreate
the cry of “pikachu!”.

At that time, I was a programmer and I came up with
following idea to solve this problem.
Program the converter to make the sound into
one bit data, and recreating the sound.

The structure is as follows.
First of all, make the sound degitalize using
the equipment, suich as a sampler.
*This is the wave of DIALGA’s cry.

Here’s the maximized picture.

Almost completely degitalized.
Above waves are numerated as sound data.

Then, convert them into “0″ and “1″.

Detail data are…
like above picture.

Since the sound differs depend on
how we set the level of “1″, few different
converting systems were prepared.

Using the Game Boy’s click noise (beep!) to make
“0″ as a silent, and “1″ to sound.
The important part is, to recreate them with very fast speed.
Faster the better. It will give us a nice sound.

Ta-da! “pikachu” is done!

It still sounds cute…

See ya.

(c)1995,1996,1998 Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc.