I always liked music since I was a kid, and
I listen to a really wide variety of music

In classical music, for example, Stravinsky
and Shostakovich.
I played the trombone in my high-school brass
band, but was not really into classical music.
But once I found Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring”
and “The Firebird” and Shostakovich’s
symphonies no. 5 and 7…
I became such an enthusiastic fan that I began
to collect their works, read their autobiographies,
and buy the scores.
They were really great. Wonderful. Cool.
Their works also taught me about composing music.

Of rock, Linkin Park and SlipKnoT.
They are just fabulous with their screaming
vocals, and their faces look cool too!
The way how they arrange their songs, with DJs
and guitars and percussions, is both powerful
and sophisticated.

Of techno, Underground and The Prodigy.
I have nothing but admiration for them.
They are cool and their beats just groove.
You can’t help but dance.
Also, I think there’s not many people who are
better at manipulating synthesizers.

Of club music, I prefer Gabba and music from Rotterdam.
They are noisy and more like hardcore.
They too make unbelievable sounds. Trashed sounds.
Distorted sounds. Impossible song structure.
Impossible speed.
It won’t be too much to say if I said their music
is made solely for the purpose of making people dance
and get stoned.
Wow… fantastic.

As I’ve written these words I realized that in the end
I always like things that’s “cool.”
Hmm… I think I got it.

See ya!