No. 3

Yesterday, I did magazine interviews.

Pokemon Emerald will go on sale on September 16 (Thursday).
They came to talk with me about Pokemon Emerald.

But, unfortunately, there’s not much I can talk about
games like Pokemon…
Because we want the players to discover
everything themselves.
So we don’t want to give away any secret.
But at the same time, I wanted to discuss it
because I’m excited about it…
It was such a dilemma.

Please reserve your copy!

Those of you who have played Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire
will enjoy what’s different in this new game.
Those who have played Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen
will find Pokemon Emerald as the latest installment of the series.

We have put every kind of tricks and secrets
into Pokemon Emerald and I’m sure you will have great fun
playing it.
We at Game Freak are really proud of
what we have achieved this time.
Give it a try!

See ya!