Pokemon movie started from Saturday July 10th
this year!

I went to the theater on opening day
and received figure of Zoroark!

This year’s distribution Pokemon is “Celebi”.
You can receive it with one of the following Game Paks.
Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum and
Heart Gold/Soul Silver.

“Celebi” is rare Pokemon in Gold/Silver
which won’t appear during the normal game play.

Theme of “Celebi” is based on nature.
Where beautiful nature exist, Celebi appears.
In the movie, to prevent nature destruction
would be dramatic. But it is not good
to destroy nature to meet Pokemon.

Here’s trivia.
If you bring your “Celebi” to
Pocket Monster Black/White,
special event will be activated.
Zorua will appear in the game!!!!

Zorua and Zoroark won’t appear in the game
Pocket Monster Black/White.
Please watch a movie and receive Celebi!

On Sunday, I visited Pokemon Center Tokyo
to see a new Pikachu goods which start selling
from 10th.
There’s Pikachu everywhere.
The shop is doing a roaring trade.


*”Celebi campaign” is distributed only in Japan.