“Pokemon have changed”
“Completion of Pokemon which kids to adult can enjoy”

I’d like to use above tag-line for
Pocket Monsters Black/White.

Not only Pokemon characters changed,
scenario, direction, and map have changed.

Kanji characters can be displayed.
Infrared, wi-fi, transmission have drastically evolved.
Communication between PC will be changed.

In total, design of game play have renewaled.

When playing Pokemon Black/White,
first impression will be “Is this Pokemon?”
but in next minutes, player would feel
“This is Pokemon!”.

My impression… I usually don’t praise my software but…

this game will be the masterpiece.

Pokemon Black/White is really well made as a
video games and as a RPG.
I personally thinks I can’t overwhelm these titles.

The reservation starts from day after tomorrow.
Person who have played or not played,
please reserve your copy.

See ya.

*Reservation of Pokemon Black/Pearl starts
only in Japan.