No. 14

Maps in Pokemon games look somewhat peculiar, don’t they?

The thing was, in order to include many graphics
of Pokemon and to save the ROM capacity,
our programmers had to sacrifice something.
To cope with the problem, we came up with the idea of
using roads.

Oftentimes limitations like this can make a game
more entertaining.

For example, the maximum number of letters
you can use for Pokemon names and moves are fixed.
Also, the player can carry only 6 Pokemon
and 4 moves at hand.
This kinds of limitations I think contribute greatly
to the playability of the game.

When we were developing Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire,
we went back to where we started
and discussed changing the number of Pokemon
you can carry, or the number of moves Pokemon can learn,
but in the end we came to the conclusion that
the original numbers were the best, and that
not one more or less would make the game more fun.

Limitations force us to think harder and
they can bring many difficulties, of course,
but I try to think that they are what “forces us to
think of ways to polish up our products so that
they are of the highest quality.”
So, limitations are important to us.