No. 15

Well, Kyushu (the southernmost of Japan’s four major islands)
is a great place.

My father and mother both are from Kurate county
in Fukuoka (a prefecture in Kyushu),
so I have many relatives living in Kyushu.

When I was a kid, my family went back to Kyushu during
summer vacation.
We would dive into the sea and catch fish
with spears, collect shellfish and crabs,
go fishing with rods, or with a net,
go to the river to catch crabs and shrimps,
catch sleeping fish in the river with hands at night,
and go hunting for beetles.

Now I realize all that we did was to catching something.
I had a great memory of all this.

Kyushu has a lot of mountains and also
the sea and the rivers are very clean.
So you can find lots of wildlife there.
And most importantly people are very friendly.
There is no place like Kyushu.

The Hoenn region in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald is
modeled after Kyushu because I wanted to recatch
my memories of summer in Kyushu.

The concept of the Hoenn region is a place where
Pokemon and humans get along well, and also where
people can meet friends and develop relationships
with other people.
We designed the region with the importance of human
relationships and the warm heart of the Kyushu people
in mind.
(Ho in “Hoenn”「豊緑」means ‘rich’ and Enn means
‘green’ in Japanese kanji.)

The reason why the island is rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise
is because we thought it brings a better playability that way.

OK, Kyushu.ツ? I’ll visit there again.
Of course, on the way I will play Pokemon Emerald.