Reporting E3′s atmosphere from LA!

Today, it started from Nintendo’s conference!
Location is Nokia theater.
Music is live orchestra!! Just wonderful!!!

Mr. Iwata, Reggie, Mr. Miyamoto appeared
on the stage.
Pokédex 3D have introduced!
Please download to your Nintendo 3DS!!

New game machine, “Wii U”
have announced!
Well, it is very unique controller!

There are applause when the Wii U controller is used.
Most big exultation was given to the demo of
Golf game.
It was surely new! Wonderful and interesting!

E3 starts from afternoon of today.
(Taking a photo from the same spot)
To the right. West side.

To the left.
It’s LA! What a scale! It’s just huge!!

And… Tank is placed at the entrance!!!
This tank is for game’s advertisement.
Just wow…

Inside of the building.
There is a banner of E3.
See, there are three Es.

Heading to the Nintendo booth!

Here is inside.

I searched for Wii U!!
And the girl with berry tatoo is holding
Wii U controller!

Here’s a Wii U.
Console is buried on the wall can be seen.

I checked other booth, too.
Each and individual booth is very unique
based on there theme.
Sony expand their booth with two-story.
Where is “PS Vita”!?

There’s light of pink and blue… It’s “Move”!
Everybody is playing the game as if they were at home.

Capcom booth is also crowded.

Here’s Konami.

Light of the booth is rather dark for
eyes of Japanese.
Usage of light and shadow are outstanding.

E3 of this year ran high!!
Massive volume of music!!

E3 have a tendency of sports games,
RPG games etc. so on based on a year.

This year, FPS war games were trend!!
A lot of splatter scenes!!
Blood spread everywhere.
Shooting a lot, killing a lot.

The game developer seems get used to
“kill” the target.
Therefore, I felt “how to kill” became a focus
of developing game.

For that reason, target become
zombie and alien…
These targets’ savage attack and
human counterattacks…
It became savage contents and
you never know.

It is the player who choose the game to play.
As a game creator, it is little sad!

Majority of the games look like a same game.
There were little of original games.
I felt a sense of crisis with above part.

I’m going to E3 show tomorrow again
and check out more games!

See ya.