Hooray! It’s a 200th anniversary!

Thank you very much for your support!
My columns have reached 200 times.

With this 200th anniversary, this site have drastically renewaled!!
Thank you, Maimai!
And thank you for checking the contents, Satochin!
Also thank you for the translation with delicate nuance, Hiro!
And hello to mademoiselle Shiho!

Since it’s 200th anniversary,
here is undisclosed trivia of Black and White!!
It’s really small trivia though. =)

That is…
the sound effect of scrolling conversation.
I believe player listen to this sound effect most
while playing.


When there’s this sound effect,
people find out somebody’s playing Pokémon.
I made this sound effect with extra caution
in Red/Green.

This sound effect was heritage to Ruby/Sapphire,
Diamond/Pearl with minor changed sound…

In current Black/White, I would like to make it
to brand new sound.
Therefor, I carried out original intention of
Red/Green’s sound effects.

Yes, I used this Red/Green’s “Piding!” sound made
into sampling data. Then tune up a few times
and made it to the most beautiful tune.

Probably, I listen to this sound effect most in my life.=)
Therefore, I have strong effusive to this
sound effect.

Would you listen to this sound effect?
Isn’t it sound cool?