No. 24

There’s a girl named Kiri-chan in Sootpolis city of
Hoenn region.
I wrote her message.

I wrote most of the message that appears when
she gives you berries, because that Kiri is
a special character for me.
Near the end of the game’s development, I asked
to include her without letting many people know
about it.

Kiri is the name of my daughter who was born in September.
That’s why I came up with that message,
with my hope for her.

At that time, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire was almost complete
and we were mostly debugging the game, but
there still were decisions to be made.
And while I was beside my wife who was giving
birth to my daughter,
I would get mail on my mobile, such as,
‘The feature for yata-yata is going to be like this, OK?’
In many ways it was a tension-filled experience.

The message you want to deliver will not arrive
at its destination, and the message you didn’t mean
to send ends up being delivered.
It’s an interesting phenomenon, isn’t it?

Time flies and my daughter is now 2 years old.
So are Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

See ya.