Have you seen “Battle Gene M”?

Those who do not understand,
is not watching Pokémon Smash!!
Please watch it every week!

On July 31st, MTM with Battle Woman M
had a appearance in Pokémon Smash!

I composed Cynthia’s battle theme, and
Mr. Miyazaki of movie music made
an arrangement.
Then Mr. Toda put lyric on it.

Battle Woman M is singing this groovy
Misaki Momose’s change is great, too!

It is interesting to transform the
music into various kind.
And it will spread the possibilities.

Isn’t it sound cool?

I want people to sing who likes
Cynthia’s theme music.

If you haven’t see this video clip,
you must see it!!

Battle Gene M, MTM with Battle Woman M
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*TV program “Pokémon Smash!” can be seen only in Japan.