This time, I’d like to write about how we address
oversea’s Pokemon names.

It requires a lot of effort to name enourmous
number of Pokemon.
Addition to this, especially the naming of
leading Pokemon needed to be worldwidely same,
and this is, one tough work.

For example, Pokemon’s name “DIALGA.”
We got a comments from Spanish translation team
in Europe about the image of this name.
Their impressions are… alga and seaweed.
Therefore, they would like to have a different
name other than this.
Well, they are right. Even in English, ALGA
nearly means seaweed.
The image from this word might be certain…

But it is not good to give up easily.
This is the starting point of adjusting
the image and thought.

Even the word ALGA is “alga (close to seaweed),”
the name is constructed with “DI + ALGA.”
Let’s think from the Japanese origin name.

Then… suppose, the part of DI (pronounce “Dee”)
>Does it recognized as Dee+Alga?
(which means Dee + Seaweed?)
>Is there any paticular meaning in DI?
>Does people find out the image of seaweed instantly from this name?
and so on.
Exchange of discussion continues with the word “ALGA.”

This is a sample of naming the pokemon which
will be used the same name worldwide.
And due to the miscellaneous reasons, the name
cocluded to DIALGA.
It was one of the final candidate, and the name sounds
very cool in Japanese.

We finalized the name “DIALGA” in Spainish version also.
Well, what do you think about this name?
I wonder Spanish players image seaweed from this name or not.

Starting from original Japanese.
Then, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Korean…
As the world of Pokemon expands, there are pleasure and adversity
of localizing into their languages.