No. 59

Today, I’d write in a different tone.

Even before we started up a project for Pokemon
Diamond & Pearl, I was determined to create the
ultimate version of all.
And even then I knew it in my bones that
‘to create the ultimate Pokemon, it is crucial
that many staff cooperate with each other
and have a unified focus.’

For that purpose, I made a project summary for
our staff about this project.
Well, this is somewhat a difficult subject…
But I’d like to show you some parts of the text
used in it.


Creating a fun game is not enough.
Tell no lies, and tackle the project with faith.
A new challenge.
The power to create from nothing.
And the eagerness to make every detail right.

We will draw the world of tomorrow,
the world of distant future,
on a blank paper called Pokemon.
An ideal world. Also, an ultimate world.

Hoping that people of all countries will
shake hands with each other,
hoping for the world of happiness, world
full of love,
we chose
“Pearl,” a symbol of happiness, and
“Diamond,” a symbol of love.

To the next world, to the next stage.
no matter how difficult it is,
let’s run together
in oder to create a new world.


So I’ve been running with the greatest staff!

In a few days the new game will be available
to you. Pre-orders start today.

We at Game Freak tried our best to fill

“Pokemon Diamond”
“Pokemon Pearl”

with ‘fun,’ ‘excitement,’ ‘dream,’ and ‘adventure.’

Please give it a try.

See ya.