Saturday, October 12th 2013 was the day that my dream came true.


It was the day that Pokémon X and Pokémon Y launched
all across the world at the same time.
Launch events were held in France, New York, Germany, and Japan.
The whole world celebrated the day.


I feel very grateful.


Since the launch day is the same worldwide,
all players across the world can enjoy the game at the same time;
sharing the discovery and adventure together.


I’m happy to have achieved that task and delighted that
I could bring that experience to each and every one of you!
I’m full of appreciation.


This time, the themes of the game are ‘beauty’, ‘bonds’, and ‘evolution’.
The game was developed with the aim that the player would
raise their Pokémon with love.


There’s an even bigger theme to the game, however;
one that I’m always thinking about when I’m directing Pokémon games,
and one that I think applies to the real world:
‘Let’s create a better world together’.


The world is full of wonderful encounters that depend on the
circumstances we find ourselves in.
If you were born one year earlier, you may have made a set of
completely different friends.
If your tastes were different, you may have met different people.
Suppose, too, that your parents had never met…
If you think like this, you realize that everyone’s life
depends on the chance encounters that they make.


Encountering people is both coincidental and miraculous.
We encountered each other in the same era, on the same planet.
That’s a miracle.
These encounters shouldn’t be about fighting,
but about making a better world together.
The titles ‘X’ and ‘Y’ come from this idea.


The letters ‘X’ and ‘Y’ suggest lines on an axis.
The lines of both letters head in different directions,
but there’s a point at which they cross, or intersect.
I used the letters with the idea of intersection in mind;
the idea of the common points we share with one another, rather than our differences.


‘Let’s create a better world together!’
I developed this game to communicate this idea.


It took three and a half years to develop this game.
Taking into account the localization groups for each language,
more than five hundred people were involved in the development.


I deeply appreciate developing this game with all of these wonderful staff,
and I appreciate the miracle of the encounters that I had with them!


Please enjoy the game from many different directions!


See ya!


Today, Wednesday July 31st; 10:00AM.
At this time, for the first time, Game Freak published its own game.


It’s a new kind of mix of solitaire and horse racing.

The game isn’t an action game, or a simulation game.

You play a round of solitaire, and the results are reflected in the following horse race.
If your round of solitaire goes well, your horse will gallop skillfully.

The game of solitaire is well known for being an open-ended sort of game to pass the time.
But in ‘Solitiba’, there’s a definite objective. This game is based on a new type of solitaire.

A strain developed by Game Freak.

Please give the game a try!

Official Home Page:

Promotion Video:


*This game is playable only for Japanese 3DS hardware.



Check this out!

I appeared in “Ikimono-gakari” promotion video clip titled “Egao” ,(“Smile”).
*Ikimono-gakari is a famous Japanese band.

It was just amazing!!!

I had a opportunity to be a part of it, because of my
earlier appearance on “Ikimono-gakari’s” radio show,
where I met Yoshiki Mizuno – writer and composer the song.

Encounting people is wonderful,
as it opens up new possibilities and experiences.


Early morning in Roppongi, on 9th of June 2013.
That day I had a flight to Los Angeles,
so I asked to have a recording as a first person.

I was sitting in the middle. Recording started.

I did all director asked me to, and…
“OK! Cut! It’s done.”

I thought we were just rehearsing,
but director said it was good.

All happened in a split second.
I had fun doing the recording.


Here is full video clip.
*This video clip may be available in Japan only.

It was a great experience !

Thanks for inviting me, “Ikimono-gakari”

Official site of Ikimono-gakari.’m planning to attend the event, too.)