Pocket Jockey Ride On!

Grab a deck and dust off your saddle, because Pocket Card Jockey is back Available now!

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ABOUT What is Pocket Card Jockey?

Pocket Card Jockey is a frenetic combination of solitaire and horse racing! Originally a smash hit on 3DS, a new and improved Pocket Card Jockey is now galloping along. Let’s ride on it!

Up your solitaire game to win more races!

Clearing cards !? impacts how well your horse runs!

The better your solitaire game, the faster your horse will run. Conquer all the races and guide your steed to equestrian glory!

CHARACTER Meet the Crew

  • Player


  • Player


  • Mr. Blingman

    Mr. Blingman

  • Richie


  • Priscilla


  • Truman


  • Prof. Ozimof

    Prof. Ozimof

  • Jimmy


  • Jagger


  • Mr. Maekawa

    Mr. Maekawa

  • Chirp


GAMEPLAY How to Play

Solitaire Phases

Playing solitaire in Pocket Card Jockey couldn’t be easier! Start by taking whichever card you like, then grab a card that’s one number higher or lower. Clear every last card to earn a perfect score that gives you a big advantage during the race!

Use Boost Cards to leave other horses in the dust!

Control Phases

Control your horse using Unity Power you earn from playing solitaire. Shoot for a perfect score to help your four-legged friend run its best, and don’t forget to grab the special cards floating on the track—they can turn a race in your favor, or even help your horse grow!

No Card Left Behind!

Boost Cards are a big
help in the homestretch!

Picking up cards that appear on the
track during control phases helps
your horse run. They can give extra
experience, teach new skills, raise
energy, and more!

Play How You Want!

How you play changes as your horse ages.Raise your horse’s level while they’re young,then rack up wins once they’re mature!

Pair horses on the farm to make stronger little horses!Study your horses’ characteristics carefully, then breed them to make cute little foals.Enter your new foals in races, then repeat until you have your dream horse!

Growth Mode

Raise a horse through ages two and three. Each time you enter a race, your horse will grow, increasing their stats!

Mature Mode

Run an older horse you raised in races! Whether they lose three times or just decide to enter their golden years gracefully, they’ll all retire to a quiet life on the farm.

The Farm

Pair up retired horses to make stronger foals. Pairing up horses that are accomplished and compatible with each other is the key to getting incredible new horses!

Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On!
is available now!