Finally, we have successfully presented Pokémon GO to the public.
I, Masuda, have received on Twitter a lot of pleasing messages from around the world, including:

“I’m very looking forward to trying it! I’m excited!”

“I want to go on an adventure right now!” and

“My childhood dream has come true.”

People’s support, among others, gives me power.

There is nothing more encouraging for me as a person engaged in making things for people. I am happy.

I sincerely appreciate support from you all!

While I am participating in the development of Pokémon GO for the construction of its world view and for its game design and music, we are trying to make it enjoyable as a location-based game by removing and dismantling the world view of Pokémon as well as common knowledge in game design, and rebuilding them into a new design.

There is still a long way to go in its development, but I’ll go on making the best things with Niantic so that people around the globe can enjoy them.

We hope to exert continued efforts to make products enjoyable for all, including Pokémon fans and Ingress fans across the world, and even for those with no experience of playing with Pokémon.

Toward the 20th anniversary of Pokémon, we express our hearty thanks to all.

Pokémon GO is scheduled to be released for smartphones (on iOS/Android) in 2016.

We hope you’ll like it!

Images from the presentation

Video footage
United States




What a wonderful achievement!

In Japan, we’ve already got the Greatest Award,
the Best Sales Award, and the Global Award at the Japan Game Awards.
This time we’ve got awards in England, too!

At the Golden Joystick Awards 2014,
the greatest game awards in England,
our Pokémon X and Pokémon Y were awarded
the Greatest Handheld Game Awards!

Those awards are the ones from the second oldest historic game awards
and chosen by users’ votes.

We thank so many of you who played our games
and we really appreciate your support.

We are profoundly grateful for you.

Also, with those people who worked on the challenging development tasks
and the localization staff who realized the world-wide simultaneous release,
I’d like to share this great news
that we’ve been awarded such honorific awards!

Those awards could not be realized without your hard work!



Today, Wednesday July 31st; 10:00AM.
At this time, for the first time, Game Freak published its own game.


It’s a new kind of mix of solitaire and horse racing.

The game isn’t an action game, or a simulation game.

You play a round of solitaire, and the results are reflected in the following horse race.
If your round of solitaire goes well, your horse will gallop skillfully.

The game of solitaire is well known for being an open-ended sort of game to pass the time.
But in ‘Solitiba’, there’s a definite objective. This game is based on a new type of solitaire.

A strain developed by Game Freak.

Please give the game a try!

Official Home Page:

Promotion Video:


*This game is playable only for Japanese 3DS hardware.



For the first time ever!

Because Pokémon originates from Japan,
since Red/Blue in 1996,
we have been releasing information in Japan first.

But this time everything changes.
Pokémon X/Y will be launched at a same time, worldwide!

As announced on January 9th, on “Poké”
- international Pokemon website,
legendary Pokémon names will be same worldwide.


Pronunciation for names in Japanese is:

And in English it is:

You might wonder why this information is
not available on the Japanese official homepage.

Frankly. This is the first time in a history,
while fans from abroad are getting news faster, than fans in Japan.

In a way, simultaneous game launch,
became a special event for our fans from abroad.

So, everyone who just saw the new legendary Pokemon names:
congratulations !
You are the very first in the world!!!



Hello everyone!

Did you have a chance to watch our announcement video
on the 8th of January(Japan time) ?
If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check it out at here:

And here is the link to the Nintendo Pokémon Direct video,
in which you can learn about the history of Pokémon:

And links for Japanese fans:

And here is the press release.

We are aiming to deliver genuine entertainment that can be enjoyed
simultaneously by people from all over the world.

Never-before-seen Pokémon that will be discovered for the first time by people from across the globe.
Pokémon that are brought to life and look as if they are right in front you.
Stunningly dynamic Pokémon battles.
Breathtakingly beautiful visuals that take full advantage of the 3DS hardware’s power.
An innovate communication system that will make you feel connected with
players from around the world as you play the game.
A new battle mechanism that allows your Pokémon to become even more powerful
when the bonds you share grow stronger.
A story and music that can be enjoyed by all.

Whether this is the player’s first game, or if he or she is a veteran of the Pokémon series,
our goal is to deliver genuine entertainment that will make all players smile,
regardless of their age, gender, country, language, or culture.

The Pokémon series has always been more than just a game.
It’s a series that brings people together, and encourages them to get excited and
have fun as if they were at a festival.
That is why I wanted to achieve my long-time dream of a worldwide simultaneous release
with these new entries to the series.

Pokémon X and Pokémon Y–the evolved sixth generation of Pokémon.

Genuine entertainment that people have been waiting for is here.

October 2013.

I look forward to being able to play with everyone from around the world.


Ends here.

I’m directing the game, and leading the talented team here at Game Freak.
We’re currently hard at work creating a game we think will be really something special.

Please wait until October to experience it yourself!



At last! The time has come.

On Tuesday, 8th of January. At 8.00pm of Japan time,
we will announce some Pokémon news to everyone!!
I would like everyone to check it out!

I would like everyone to share this moment with
your family, love ones, friends and colleagues!!

Of course, everyone who love Pokémon,
but those who don’t know Pokémon yet are also welcome to join us!

I want everybody to check this info, therefore
please spread and share this information at office,
school, club activities, any circle!!
I would like everyone to share and spread this news widely!

In Japan You can check official Pokémon website at 8:00PM on January the 8th.

For the exact time of the announcement in your time zone, please check the official Nintendo website.
You can find the links below.

I am also looking forward to it!


8th(Tue) 8:00PM

USA Eastern Time
8th (Tue) 6:00AM

USA Pacific Time
8th (Tue) 3:00AM

United Kingdom

France, Italy, Germany, Spain
8th (Tue) 12:00PM

Pokémon Official Site:

Nintendo Homepage:


As I announced earlier on my Twitter,
because “Team Plasma” is taking control over many places,
I myself, decided to join them. It looks fun!
Here is a photo to prove it! =)

It’s a “Grunt” !!

Also, starting from the Saturday December 15th,
Pokémon “Deoxys” will be distributed during selected
“Team Plasma” supremacy events!

You can read about it in details here:

Take a look at the name of “OT” (Original Trainer) =)
And please come to the event !



Great news!!

There will be another autograph session!!

On Sunday, December 16th 2012, from 11am and from 14pm.
(twice during the day), I will have an autograph sessions at “Animate”: Akihabara branch!
You will need to get a session tickets first in order to participate in a session

This will be my first autograph session at “Animate”, so I feel quite excited !
*”Animate” is a shop selling an animation related goods in Japan

Please check the Pokémon official website for details !

Also, starting from today, until Sunday, December the 9th,
I will be taking your questions related to Game Freak games.
You can ask about “Pokémon“, but also about our latest game,
Rhythm Hunter HarmoKnight“.
I am waiting for your questions on Twitter!

Don’t forget to add “#masuda_sign” tag to your questions!

I would like to answer some of your questions during my
autograph session!
Later of course, I will write here, how the session went,
so stay tuned!

I am looking forward to meeting you!!

Oh! And one more thing.

If You still haven’t play “Rhythm Hunter HarmoKnight”,
do it before the autograph session!!
*The game “Rhythm Hunter HarmoKnight”can be downloaded
only in Japan.



Today is exactly one year since I started to tweet!

There are more than 33,000 people following me.
Thank you very much, everyone!

During this one year, I have been receiving
a lot of messages from all over the world.

With questions about game contents, Pokémon Center, as well as about daily life.
I have learned a lot about people who love Pokémon about their
countries and places they live.

The autograph session I had at all Pokémon Centers in Japan
also could happen because of twits I received.

I’m very happy I can communicate with all of you,
and I’m very glad, I started to use twitter : )

I deeply appreciate your support!
Thank you very much.

Please keep cheering twitter, this column and Game Freak!!

Also, the official launch of “Pokémon Black 2″ and ”Pokémon White 2″ are
on Sunday 7th in North America, and Friday, 12th in Europe.

Finally the whole world will be connected.
Have fun trading your Pokémon using GTS!!

Sorry we kept you waiting dear players!
Please enjoy your adventures!



August 29th, 2012.
It is a special day for Game Freak.

Our motto is “Let’s make great games!”

Latest results were just announced on “Nintendo Direct”.

We are happy to introduce our brand new product !!!
The latest original game coming from Game Freak !!!
It’s finally here!

“Rhythm Hunter Harmoknight”.
*Japanese title.

Today, we made another jump! And with your support,
we will keep running with that speed !

Development Director
Junichi Masuda

You can go from GameFreak’s website top banner
to Nintendo’s “Rhythm Hunter Harmoknight” special site.
You can also read the interview, which Mr. Iwata held with
“Rhythm Hunter Harmoknight” creators.

*This software can be downloaded only for 3DS, Japanese version.