October 31, it was the chestnut festival day in Spain!

On this day, we visited a school called
El Col-legi Lestonnac de Barcelona for a lecture.

Before a visit we were a little nervous, thinking what
we should do if the pupils knew nothing about Pokémon.
To our delight, however, they all knew about Pokémon
and they welcomed us cheerfully with big smiles!

They asked us a lot of questions eagerly, including:
“What did you like when you were children?”,
“What did you want to be when you grew up?” or
“Why are you making Pokémon games?”

We answered their questions as best we could.
They were listening to us excitedly with twinkling eyes.
We were so impressed and felt happy!

Headmaster and teachers also were very kind to us.
They served traditional Catalan sweets.
They all said to us, “Come here next year again.”

Children laughed, clapped their hands and became serious occasionally.
We appreciate their reactions very much.

The more I talked, the more I was filled with emotion.

I thought that it was really good to continue manufacturing goods.

Last of all, I said a few words of thanks and told them
“I want to  continue making good stuff!” Then,
I got a lot of applause.

I was so pleased that I almost cried.

Moreover, I was handed a wonderful gift by two representing pupils.

The gift was pictures of Pokémon drawn by all the four graders
in Classes A, B and C.
The subject was “Pokémon in Barcelona”.
It thrilled me further! Truly, they were very good at drawing.

The gift contained about 60 pages and they were all lovely pictures.

I was really grateful to all the people in the school including
the children for giving us a wonderful opportunity!
We surely got a lot of power from this event.
El Col-legi Lestonnac de Barcelona was an excellent school.

This is the newspaper that reported on our visit to the school.

This is a video of TV broadcast that shows  our  visit  to  the  school.  It
starts about 42:55 on the image counter.

On November 1 and 2 we spent our time at Salon del Manga,
gathering information and participating in events.

First of all, we want to express our gratitude to
all the media including newspapers, TV stations and radio stations.
We surely bought the papers that reported on us, of course (laugh).

It was a little strange to us that the media consisted mainly of newspapers
and TV stations instead of gaming magazines which are dominant
in this  kind of event in Japan.

As expected, Salon del Manga also held these events.
I thank all of you for taking part in the cosplay
and the battle tournament.

This is the individual winner! Using the software game music,
she performed one-man play to warm up the event!

These three are the team winner! 
They expressed the beautiful view of the world!

These two got the special award!
They said they spent three months creating the costumes using card boards
and newspaper. It is exceptionally amazing!

This is the winner of the battle tournament!
To our surprise, he turned out to be the fourth place of Master Class
in Pokémon World Championships(WCS)  2014.
It was no wonder even Omori could not beat him.

Last of all, thank you very much for everyone who gathered at the site!

Now that I learned that everyone supported Pokémon
also in Spain more than I expected, 
I considered I should keep trying hard without just feelingthankful.
Now, I feel uplifted!

I express again my gratitude to everyone 
I met in Spain for your hospitality!



Saturday, October 12th 2013 was the day that my dream came true.


It was the day that Pokémon X and Pokémon Y launched
all across the world at the same time.
Launch events were held in France, New York, Germany, and Japan.
The whole world celebrated the day.


I feel very grateful.


Since the launch day is the same worldwide,
all players across the world can enjoy the game at the same time;
sharing the discovery and adventure together.


I’m happy to have achieved that task and delighted that
I could bring that experience to each and every one of you!
I’m full of appreciation.


This time, the themes of the game are ‘beauty’, ‘bonds’, and ‘evolution’.
The game was developed with the aim that the player would
raise their Pokémon with love.


There’s an even bigger theme to the game, however;
one that I’m always thinking about when I’m directing Pokémon games,
and one that I think applies to the real world:
‘Let’s create a better world together’.


The world is full of wonderful encounters that depend on the
circumstances we find ourselves in.
If you were born one year earlier, you may have made a set of
completely different friends.
If your tastes were different, you may have met different people.
Suppose, too, that your parents had never met…
If you think like this, you realize that everyone’s life
depends on the chance encounters that they make.


Encountering people is both coincidental and miraculous.
We encountered each other in the same era, on the same planet.
That’s a miracle.
These encounters shouldn’t be about fighting,
but about making a better world together.
The titles ‘X’ and ‘Y’ come from this idea.


The letters ‘X’ and ‘Y’ suggest lines on an axis.
The lines of both letters head in different directions,
but there’s a point at which they cross, or intersect.
I used the letters with the idea of intersection in mind;
the idea of the common points we share with one another, rather than our differences.


‘Let’s create a better world together!’
I developed this game to communicate this idea.


It took three and a half years to develop this game.
Taking into account the localization groups for each language,
more than five hundred people were involved in the development.


I deeply appreciate developing this game with all of these wonderful staff,
and I appreciate the miracle of the encounters that I had with them!


Please enjoy the game from many different directions!


See ya!


Check this out!

I appeared in “Ikimono-gakari” promotion video clip titled “Egao” ,(“Smile”).
*Ikimono-gakari is a famous Japanese band.

It was just amazing!!!

I had a opportunity to be a part of it, because of my
earlier appearance on “Ikimono-gakari’s” radio show,
where I met Yoshiki Mizuno – writer and composer the song.

Encounting people is wonderful,
as it opens up new possibilities and experiences.


Early morning in Roppongi, on 9th of June 2013.
That day I had a flight to Los Angeles,
so I asked to have a recording as a first person.

I was sitting in the middle. Recording started.

I did all director asked me to, and…
“OK! Cut! It’s done.”

I thought we were just rehearsing,
but director said it was good.

All happened in a split second.
I had fun doing the recording.


Here is full video clip.
*This video clip may be available in Japan only.

It was a great experience !

Thanks for inviting me, “Ikimono-gakari”

Official site of Ikimono-gakari.’m planning to attend the event, too.)



I experienced that unusual place for the first time!
I was nervous all the morning, before going there.
That place is…

It was a radio recording studio, I visited!

Cool microphones!!
Big booth!!
Many people!!

I was all nervous waiting there with my heart pounding…

Inside, I met with a band named “Ikimono – gakari”
All members: Yoshiki Mizuno, Kiyoe Yoshioka, Hotaka Yamashita.
*They are very famous in Japan.

Their song titled “Egao” (“Smile”) is a theme song for an upcoming this summer,
new Pokémon movie.
*Japanese title will be: ” Shinsoku no Genesect Mewtwo Kakusei ”

I was already totally nervous.
And then…

I became a special guest on “Ikimono – gakari” radio program called:
“Ikimono – gakari’s Garden Party”

The recording started and our chat went very well.
Everyone was very kind, so I wasn’t so nervous anymore.

Time passed really quickly in a nice atmosphere, and we finished.
With everyone’s help, I will remember my first radio recording
as a very nice experience :)

We talked about music and Pokémon related themes.
If You wanna know more, please check it out.

I want to thank to all band members for a great time.



“Ikimono – gakari’s Garden Party”
The episode I was invited to.
*Pokemon Official Site:

Ikimono – gakari’s official sight:

Leader, Mr. Mizuno’s twitter:


Hello everyone!
On Sunday, December 16th 2012.
I had a autograph session at “Animate” in Akihabara.
There were so many people. Thank You very much for coming!
Here are some details of the event.

Many people were waiting in the line since very early morning.
I was wondering how many of you will come and it was amazing!
Some people came at 4 am and were waiting in cold!!!
Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.

Initially, we were planning to have two signing sessions.
One at 11.00 and another at 14.00.
However, because so many fans came, I did one more session.
Still, there was no enough time to sign for everyone.
I would like to say sorry to everyone who couldn’t get an autograph.
Please wait till next time !
So, our event started at 11 o’clock.
I disguised myself as a new member of Team Plasma!

Staff of GAME FREAK’s new game “HarmoKnight
also joins. They answered the “Pokémon” and “HarmoKnight”
questions which I received previously by using my Twitter!

“HarmoKnight” ; GAME FREAK’s new game, team members came
to answer some questions, which were previously asked by our fans on Twitter.

Next, autograph session started!
If you take a closer look at a illustration,
you will notice we used a special kind of paper. Which is… !!

Illustrated collaboration between “Pokémon” and “HarmoKnight” !

James, “HarmoKnight” game director and character designer
drew this picture especially for this event!
James is also responsible for some Pokémon character designs!
And as usually, we had a photo session afterwards!
These are photos with all, 180 people who participated at this autograph session!

Everyone was great! Wonderful!!!
We set up a play corner for “HarmoKnight” and our
company members were introducing the game.
(If you haven’t play the game yet, please give it a try!)

It was a very precious time for our crew members,
to have a chat with everyone.

Everytime we have this kind of session ,
I receive a lot of positive energy from everyone!
It was very nice talking to you directly!!
Thank you, thank you very much!!
I also would like thank to Animate,
and the staff of Animate in Akihabara.
Manager of Animate Mr. Sato, thank you very much!!
Hope we will have another chance to meet in there!
The whole autograph session went very well, and nice.
Everything, because of you!
Again, thank you very much!!


All seven autograph sessions have finished!!!
Thank you very much for coming!

Here You can take a look at the pictures.
Some are a bit blury, but I decided to upload them all!

At first, let’s look back.
As I wrote on 219 column, people were asking for autograph session a lot via Twitter.
Pokémon company also was happy to do it.
Signing autograph took place at seven Pokémon Centers around Japan.
There were posters made too!! I was surprised : )


This is, how it was!!
First I took the bullet train (N700 type) and went to Osaka.
Here’s Pokémon Center in Osaka!
Still calm before the storm.

Pokemon Center in Osaka

Pokemon Center in Osaka

Secret autograph session spot at Osaka’s Pokémon Center.
There are Pokémons lined up on the wall of a corridor!

Here is the autograph place!!
It’s like the hall of the fame in the game!!!
So cool!!
This location will be used for a battle tournament
in the future!
I was talking to all fans one by one and signed the autographs!

Sunday February 5th 13:00 at Pokémon Center Osaka!
It is Q&A corner. Peace sign with everybody!!
Team Osaka!

Team Osaka

Big thanks to all Osaka fans!!!
Next… Nagoya.

On Sunday February 5th 16:00 at Pokémon’s Center in Nagoya!!
After the signing and Q&A session, another peace sign photo!!
Team Nagoya!

Team Nagoya

There were so many people who came!
Thank you very much Nagoya fans!!!

On Saturday February 18th at Pokémon Center Tokyo!!
After the Q&A, we took peace sign photo together
Team Tokyo!

Team Tokyo

I’m glad to see the cusion of Stunfisk :D
Thank you very much for all the questions, team Tokyo!!!

Here are all fans who got the autographs and
member of the Game Freak on the left : )
Say cheese!! Team Tokyo!

Team Tokyo

Congratulations to all fans who received an autographs!
Thank you very much for coming!!!

Then to Yokohama by car.
Same day, at 16:00. Pokémon Center Yokohama!!
Peace sign at the Union Room!!
Team Yokohama!!

Team Yokohama

Thank you very much for all the questions, fans from Yokohama!!!
Then, autograph session!!
The line was very long and I felt sorry for the fans who had to waitnoutside the Union Room!!
Peace!! Autograph session Team Yokohama!!

Team Yokohama

Thank you very much fans from Yokohama!!!
On Saturday February 25th, at Pokémon Center Fukuoka!!!
Cute welcoming reception!!

Cute welcoming reception

*It says “Welcome to Pokémon Center Fukuoka”

It has been almost outside!! Pretty cold!!!
The picture was taken after the Q&A corner. Peace sign!!
Thank you very much for coming on that cold day!!!
Team Fukuoka!!

Team Fukuoka

Thank you very much for the questions!!!
And taking photo of everybody after the autograph session!!
Peace!! Team Fukuoka!!

Team Fukuoka

It was really cold…
Fans of Fukuoka, thank you for coming!!!
Let’s sneak inside the Fukuoka Pokémon Center!

Fukuoka Pokemon Center

Yamagasa decorations at night.
*”Yamagasa” is a festival which takes place in Fukuoka.



Next morning, I saw many food stands : D

On Sunday February 26th,
“Pocket Monsters Black2″
“Pocket Monsters White2″
was announced at the TV program “Pokémon Smash”!
*”Pokémon Smash” is aired only in Japan.

“Black Kyurem” and “White Kyurem” was announced
while I stayed at a hotel in Kyushu!
I made a mistake of writing “Rejiram.”
True spelling is “Reshiram.” (Sorry everyone)

Heading back to Tokyo.

On Sunday February 26th, 23:59.
Very nice suggestion to countdown via Twitter!

Monday February 27th 0:00.
“Happy 16th Anniversary!”
It was all over the Twitter!

Pokémon become 16th years old.
Thank you very much for your support.

I deeply appreciate your support!
Thank you very much!

Saturday March, 3rd!
I watched “Hayabusa” at Tokyo station. Very exciting!!


Arrived at Sendai!
S.. snow!! It was very cold!


At Tohoku Pokémon Center.
Welcomed by
Victini with Heal Bell!
Pikachu with Effort Ribbon!
Snivy with Focus Band!
So nice!!

Tohoku Pokemon Center

Question corner started from 11:00 on the ground floor of Tohoku Pokémon Center !
After all the questions were answered , Say cheese, everyone!
Team Tohoku!!

Team Tohoku

Thank you very much for asking all the questions, Tohoku fans!

And autograph session took place on the 2nd floor of
the building.
Team Tohoku, peace !!

Team Tohoku

Thank you very much for coming to the autograph session!!!
Quick look into Tohoku Pokémon Center .

Tohoku Pokemon Center

Traveling by airplane.
From Sendai airport to Shinchitose airport.
Heading to Sapporo.

And from the airport in Sendai straight to Sapporo.
It was snowing when I arrived at night!!!
Black part is not rock. It’s solid ice. Guardrail made by ice!



Next day. Sunday March 4th. The last autograph session.
The view from hotel was just fantastic.
Skyscrapers and mountains!

Pokémon Center Sapporo!!
Q&A session starts!!
The room was divided into three areas.
Inside of the Union Room, rear of the Union Room and
area of the side monitor.
Peace sign, team Sapporo!!

team Sapporo

Side monitor area, peace!

Rear of the Union Room, peace!!!

Thank you very much for the questions.
And this was the last autograph session!!

Thank you very much fans fans from Sapporo!!
Lots of handshakes ! It was really nice!!
I sneaked into Sapporo Pokémon Center for the first time.

Sapporo Pokemon Cente

From Sapporo to Shinchitose airport.
I found Pokémon Jet at the airport!!
She sure saying “I did a pretty good job” = )

Pokemon Jet

And autograph sessions ended.

I’m so happy, I could meet all of you.
I was delighted and moved.
Thank you very much for coming all the way.
And of course, thank you very much for coming
so early in the morning.

And I am so sorry that I coundn’t meet all fans.
Especially fans in Tokyo and Yokohama.
If you find me in somewhere, please say “Hi!”

Because of your constant support,
Pokémon could make it till its 16th anniversary.
Its been great to develope Pokemon all together.
The power you gave me will be used for
to make Pokémon evn better.
Thank you, thank you very much!!!!

And to the last(the message to fellows),
Thank you very much for your management effort.
Also I would like to thank to all stuff of Pokémon Centers.
Because of your support, Pokémon have grown
this big .
I had a wonderful time.
Please continue to grow Pokémon.
I deeply appreciate your support.
Thank you very much!


Thank you Mr. Jobs.

It was stunning from the beginning.

Impact I encountered with Apple II,
Impact I encountered with Macintosh 128k,
Impact I encountered with Macintosh SE/30,
Impact I encountered with iMac,
Impact I encountered with MacBook Air,
Impact I encountered with iPhone,
Impact of one click mouse(even now),
Thank you very much for enormous
number of impact.

Menu of Mac which does not change
from long time ago,
operatively of iPhone,
ultimate user interface,
OS which always see the future,
always valued user’s feeling more than anything.
Thank you.

Revolutionary manufacturing.
And revolutionary innovation.

I love them all.

You gave me a lot of courage.

You gave me a lot of stimulation.

You told me there is no impossible.

Thank you, Mr. Jobs.



Here’s the info of World Championships 2011!

Opening ceremony was held on 13th.
Rehearsal was already started from 7 o’clock
in the morning.


Everybody aims for the top!


Card game battle starts!



Video game battle starts!



During the battle, I was hectic for rehearsal,
signing autographs and awarding
I don’t have my picture=)

And closing.
Get off from the platform and
taking pictures! Pictures!



Thank you very much for coming.

Congratulations to World Champ!
Everybody did a great battle.

Congratulations to second place winner!
You did your best!!
I really want thank to all of you!!


This year’s San Diego was terrific!
It was just exciting.

I always think watching these kind of events.

It is hard to image player’s faces when developing
video games in the company.
It’s like an artist who create contents on internet and CDs,
but not having exhibition or live tours.
It is not satisfactorily.
Can’t see customer’s faces. Hard to image
what kind of contents they react.

Some artist doesn’t mind about this,
however it is like a restaurant just
cooking what chef wants to cook.
It’s just self satisfactorily.
This won’t contentment many

I received a lot of energy from
the players with this kind of event.
Imaging the future.
Enormous feeling of creation rises
more and more.

Refreshing the mind thinking above,
nightfalls of San Diego covered us.



Next day, it’s free time!
At first, we visited Midway museum.


Actual aircraft carrier turned into
museum! Surprising idea…
I can listen to Japanese guide audio
by using this headset.



The door’s gimmick is brilliant.
It seems like no enemy can’t allowed to enter??


My favorite food, crabs! Crabs for lunch!
This Joe’s crab house has nice crabs!


And visiting Sea World, as always.



Killer Whale is huge!! Take a look of the size
comparing human, it’s big.


“Shamu” is the nickname of these killer whales.
Everybody calls “Shamu”!

And surprisingly,
we went to see the ball game!!
Padres VS Mets at Petco Park Stadium!!


It’s a game of San Diego VS New York!!
Since we are at San Diego,
we are side of Padres!

The seat was on the third-base side(Mets side),
so we moved right away!


Watching game from outfield of first-base stands!!
Go Padres!!

There is lawn ground and huge screen locates
far from the ground!
It’s quite comfortable.


The game is getting excited.
First, Mets got 3 runs, but later
Padres rollback and score turned
into 4 VS 4.
At the end, Padres lost with
extra innings.
Oh… Padres…

It was very fun than I expected.
Unique points are… no net!
Ball is coming right at you.
(Will it be self-responsibility if injured?)
Foul ball is given to the audience.
There’s no cheering music but
crowd of audience.
Massive crowd and great waves!

There is a lot of places required
to visit to understand.

I enjoyed excellent World Championships and San Diego
then returned to Japan!

Please do challenge next year’s WCS!

Here is the sight of WCS2011.

A lot of photos from WCS. MTM and signing
autographs are taken.

A lot of videos from WCS. Kick off video is
also available!



200th anniversary part 2!

I would like to disclose the story of
Castelia City’s pier!
Small secret will be revealed. =)

Here is my development material
from Pokémon Black/White.

==Starting from here.==

●C3(*1)‘s port is shaped like hand.
Open hand is the image of C3.

・Since it is pier, it is floating on the sea.
・Surface is thin concrete.
・Low fence is placed other than platform.
・There are chairs, too.
・There is a mooring mast.

To park the ship, ship’s rope will be hooked to mooring mast.
*In the game, ship’s rope is not necessary(won’t be shown).

●Each fingers
・Most thick finger of all.
・In western culture, folding other four fingers and up represent
affirmation (good) and down represent death (denial).

○OPV(Offshore Patrol Vessel) parks on odd number days.
Sail on even number days(not present).

(2)Index finger

○Cabin cruiser(dinner cruise ship). Sail from evening only(to see sunset).
→Large cruiser.
→To show, departing on the evening and sunset can be seen
on the half way, and returning on night to see night view.

(3)Middle Finger
・It is insulting act to stand this finger and rest of fingers fold.

○Team Plasma’s secret ship sails.
Only sails on the day of prime numbers.
→Ship will be parked on non prime number days.
No hints. Objective of this ship is unknown.

(4)Ring finger
・In Japan, it is called “medicine finger,” since this
finger is used for applying medicine.

○Shuttle cruiser to UT island.

(5)Little finger
・Smallest finger.
・In Japan, this finger is considered as royalty.
There is action called “Yubikiri(cutting finger)”
as a meaning of promise(honesty).

○Distribution island ship.

●Ship A (large ship<2000 to 3000t class>). 1 kind.
・Cabin cruiser(theme color white)

Luxurious cruiser.
Point! When this ship parked at the pier of C3, the giant scale of
its size can be seen.

●Ship B(small ship<1000t class>). 4 kinds.
(Same model but different colors)
・Guard ship(theme color white and red)
・Team Plasma’s secret ship(black)
・UT ship(blue)
・Distribution ship(yellow)

Point! Leading edge cool ship. Small but fast. Few windows.
You can tell it’s a ship from its silhouette.

==Ends here.==

This is about it.

*1・・・C3 is code name of Castelia City.
※Since this is not the final feature, its might be different
from actual game.

Its require a lot of research to create one particular area.

・Research what the pier is.
・Research the meaning of finger.
・Research the ship based on the search result.
・Research the ship.
・Research how to park the ship.
・Research the meaning of parking.
Then, gather up the whole information.

Each and individual fact is gathered
with the meaning.
Those facts will have persuasion and strongness.

Of course it is important for creators to use their
feelings and sense, and it need the knowledge
to exercise more.

Please find the questionable part and research,
as if you are actually creating the game.
It will be fun!



Hooray! It’s a 200th anniversary!

Thank you very much for your support!
My columns have reached 200 times.

With this 200th anniversary, this site have drastically renewaled!!
Thank you, Maimai!
And thank you for checking the contents, Satochin!
Also thank you for the translation with delicate nuance, Hiro!
And hello to mademoiselle Shiho!

Since it’s 200th anniversary,
here is undisclosed trivia of Black and White!!
It’s really small trivia though. =)

That is…
the sound effect of scrolling conversation.
I believe player listen to this sound effect most
while playing.


When there’s this sound effect,
people find out somebody’s playing Pokémon.
I made this sound effect with extra caution
in Red/Green.

This sound effect was heritage to Ruby/Sapphire,
Diamond/Pearl with minor changed sound…

In current Black/White, I would like to make it
to brand new sound.
Therefor, I carried out original intention of
Red/Green’s sound effects.

Yes, I used this Red/Green’s “Piding!” sound made
into sampling data. Then tune up a few times
and made it to the most beautiful tune.

Probably, I listen to this sound effect most in my life.=)
Therefore, I have strong effusive to this
sound effect.

Would you listen to this sound effect?
Isn’t it sound cool?