“N” Special!!!
Part II of Pocket Monsters Black and White
one year anniversary!
Here is a part of N’s initial draft.

–Starts here–

Real name of N is “Natural Harmonia Gropius”
“N” comes from “Natural number”
N exceed human.
His IQ is enormously high.
He has a talent of mathematics and
called magician of mathematics. Genius.
He have quick wits and have a
wave on his emotion.
He can see people’s past and future.
Rumored he was born from Pokémon.
(His parents are unknown.)
He loves Pokémon very deeply,
and keep distance against human.
He thinks himself as a perfection.
He admire Pokemon as a prime existence.
Since he keeps distance from people,
he is afraid from other people.
Therefor, he establishes very close
relationship with Pokémon.

–Ends here–

And so on…

Since the initial draft is created
with this contents, the music is
designed based on this idea.

As he is genius of mathematics,
himself(one) is the number of divisor.
Natural number of bigger than number, “one”.

“Prime Number”

The music is created by based on
this prime number.

There are two music for N.
Here is the explanation of “Battle against N”
This music is created for the
final battle against N.

1st and 2nd bars.
Make C3(center of the keyboard. “Do”) as a standard “0″, and
white keyboard is considered as “1″.
The prime number of 23, 19, 17, 13, 11, 7, 5, 3 sound
It is little bit complicated, as a time wise, an eighth note
is prime number. As eighth note considered as 1.
2, 3, 5, 7, 11 and lastly 13,
these nine notes make same sound vertically.

3rd to 13th bars.
Make C3(center of the keyboard. “Do”) as a standard “0″, and
white keyboard is considered as “1″.
The sound of prime number increases to 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19.
Vertical eight prime number based on sixteen note.
It is an image of electricity in the brain.
Light bass drum, ominous bass represent N as a genius
than king.

7th to 10th bars.
Clock ticking sound is expressing the past and the future.
7th thru 9th bars are used closed high hat cymbal.

11th to 13th bars.
Drum enters into the genre called techno and jungle.

14th bar.
Four dotted note.(=three eight note, three is prime number)
two each.
(two=prime number)

15th to 19th bars.
Long tone of 5 bar. 5 is a prime number.
Fade in with a steel drum’s steel sound sparkling.
This represent the wit if N’s brain.
(Like releasing dopamine)
The music is based on not by the code but the prime number.

20th bar.
Sounds rewinding the steel drum and declining by every halftone
and volume decreases.

21st to 23rd bars.
3 bars(3=prime number)

24th bar.
Sounds of winding steel drum and becoming higher.

25th to 29th bars.
5 bars. Prime number. It’s little different from 15th to 19th
bar’s harmony.
Also, from 25th bar, steel drum is coming in.
Balance compared sound volume is different from 15th to 19th

30th to 33rd bars.
Same as 21st to 23rd bars.

34th to 39th bars.
Image of ending before the theme change. Drum get weaker.
Since I want the tension high with 38th and 39th
bars, sound designed higher and higher.

40th to 55th bars.
Sound overlaps with steel bass and pipe organ.
Since this is the final battle against N,
to make the scene noble and mysterious,
I created this phrase with pipe organ.
Sound of steel tone substitute rhythm part.
The voice is used for relation from opening, and
voices of a man and a woman is used.

48th to 55th bars.
Adding sound effect. Sound of giant thing rotates.
Low deep rhythm.

47th and 53rd bars.
One of the sound here is influencing 14th and 24th bars.

56th to 67th bars.
Bass drum is entering with fourth note. Heavy and strong.
Passion spout of N.
Rage deeply rises from calm N.

68th to 75th bars.
Drum(mind) surpluses emotion.
To express the strongness, tone of the
music rises by half step.

76th to 79th bars.
Explosion of energy.
Everything of N will be released.

80th to 83rd bars.
Rest of energy remains. Back to 15th bar.
Therefore players tension keep highly, then loops.
The player listens to music with one grade higher
even a same phrase.
83rd bar=prime number.

How was it?
I hope you are interested in N and N’s music.

Here is the music starting from the prime number.



The day of September 18th, it is the day of
one year anniversary of Pocket Monsters Black and White!
Thank you very much!

The member of PGL reached to 1.8 million people!!
And battle got excited, too.
Thank you very much for the registration!

Here is special article for Pokémon Black and White
one year anniversary!

I’ll talk about “Ghetsis” this time!!

Enemy’s boss. I checked if there’s a
sinister name as music tone.
And… I found out there is one.


It is called “the Devil in music”…

So, I named after this.
Here is an explanation.

Music G note, pronounce “Ghe” in German (written “G”).
Music C sharp note, pronounce “tsis” in German (written “Cis”).

Above two note’s chord are tricode.

This is how Ghetsis named.

Of course, battle music against Ghetsis
is based on this chord.

Not only timpani, but melody and voice parts
are coordinated by “G” and “C sharp”,
which is “G” and “Cis”.

It’s little bit spooky music, isn’t it?

Let’s listen a bit.

How was it?
Unfortunately I believe the person who have
an absolute pitch can understand.

I’ll talk about the music of “N” next time!



On Monday September 19th, I was in Nagoya
whole day.

The reason why is…

I visited “Famitsu presents: Press Start 2011″,
video games classic concert!

And I was planned to have a speech about
Pokémon’s 15th anniversary and Black & White’s
one year anniversary… there are lots of
contents I want to speak, however
there are not much time given.
I talked about Pokémon briefly.

However, it was a very nice concert!
Essence of video game is well contained.

Well, music was splendid.
I personally liked the music of
“Spelunker”, “Gradius” and “Final Fantasy IV”…

It was just cool.

Of course, Pokémon music was excellent, too.
The music was arranged by Kage-yan,
our sound designer.
Very nice!

I ate chicken wings after the concert.
Which was also very nice.

Wearing suit at the dressing room.

Me and Kage-yan(right).




Have you see the live performance of MTM
on September 4th?

Three songs were performed!

Long ago, when “Pokémon Smash!!” was called
“Pokémon Sunday”, Shokotan visited Game Freak
for asking one song from me.
Therefore, I created the song, and that song
was performed by MTM!

And next comes to…
MTM with battle woman M’s
theme of Cynthia.

Music of legendary Pokemon’s music
with Victini.
Kids must be surprised.
It’s super techno=)

I believe people got excited!!

Here’s the blog from Shokotan!!

How wonderful!



Have you seen “Battle Gene M”?

Those who do not understand,
is not watching Pokémon Smash!!
Please watch it every week!

On July 31st, MTM with Battle Woman M
had a appearance in Pokémon Smash!

I composed Cynthia’s battle theme, and
Mr. Miyazaki of movie music made
an arrangement.
Then Mr. Toda put lyric on it.

Battle Woman M is singing this groovy
Misaki Momose’s change is great, too!

It is interesting to transform the
music into various kind.
And it will spread the possibilities.

Isn’t it sound cool?

I want people to sing who likes
Cynthia’s theme music.

If you haven’t see this video clip,
you must see it!!

Battle Gene M, MTM with Battle Woman M
※Blog from Creatures.

Pokémon Smash!

Pokémon Smash! Preview

Misakky’s blog.

See ya!

*TV program “Pokémon Smash!” can be seen only in Japan.


I went to music studio last Saturday!

Unfortunately, it was raining day.

I visited to music studio via Akabanebashi station
with Tokyo Tower a side glance!

This year, two Pokèmon movie will be
Not simultaneously, two individual movies are
separately shown!

Titles of two movies are
“Victini to kuroki eiyu Zekrom(Japanese title)” and
“Victini to shiroki eiyu Reshiram(Japanese title).”

And there are two music composer
for each movie!
What a luxurious arrangement!

Please do listen to the music and
feel the differences.

Back of the head of composer Mr. Miyazaki!!
Many thanks to his help!

Play of each and individual artist’s instrument.
The moment of supreme music give a birth.
This is how splendid music created.

The music is linked with monitor and
the film can be seen in the studio.
Movie music is really great.
I’m extremely grateful to attend
this kind of moment.

On the way home,
I found Tokyo Tower in the rain.
Top of the tower is covered with the mist.
The light up is beautiful as it represent
the light of hope.

I was impressed by the music,
and excited by the Tokyo Tower.
It was wonderful Saturday.

See ya.


Hello everyone,

Happy New Year!
We ask for your continued good
will in this new year.

Here’s a merry topic.
The CD which contains “Pulseman(1994)” sound track,
“Mega Drive -Last Action Heroes-”
have launched!

Applause! Clap! Clap! Clap!!!
Sooooo happy!!!!

I was just 28 in the year 1994. How young.

Around this time, I was in charge of
programming, sound and sound effects.
I wrote the program of low level system,
which contains collision, graphic, raster scroll,
color change, movement of boss character,
sound program and so on,
on my loving UNIX machine.

So music of “Pulseman” was
composed above circumstances.

Main work is game programming,
and addition to this,
composing music and creating sound effects!!

Since Mega Drive contains FM sound source,
I could made an interesting sound.
Tweaking parameter and change the tunes.
Sound of drum is created by effector and
I remember I was deeply obsessive.
Drum on the title screen was phrase sampling.

Some music sounds like Pokemon, but
essential was techno music straight.

Please purchase and listen to it!!

<Sega Store>


Oh, this “Pulseman” game for Sega Mega Drive
can be played on Wii, Virtual Console now.

Here’s comment from Sugimori.

See ya!


It is hard for me to create the Pokemon music
while directing the game.
However since battle music tune has my uniqueness
I write battle music this time, too.

Music at the field and town are created
individually on purpose compared to
the previous series.
Therefore, I want Pokemon battle music’s
core part to be remained.
Which sound like a typical Pokemon music.

I believe this battle music sounds similar to the
atmosphere of Pokemon Red/Green.
(Blue in other countries.)

And this time, I write the music of
beginning part.
Yes, the music which professor is explaining

Also, I write title demo music, too.
This is an arrangement from Pokemon Red/Green.
(Blue in other countries.)

It’s very tough to write a music,
but it’s very fun.

See ya!


Have you reached to the ending of
“Heart Gold” and/or “Soul Silver”?

On October 28th, sound track of
“Heart Gold/Soul Silver” have released!

When the launch of original Pokemon “Gold/Silver”,
we didn’t release sound track CD.
Therefor it took decade to create one.

When I visited Pokemon Center Tokyo
the other day, sound track CD were arrayed
and I was quite fascinated.

With our sound staff’s fastidious
music arrange and original
sound by Game Boy player…
Totally it’s up to 270 tracks!!
It’s just awesome!

When we are developing original
“Gold/Silver”, the music was created by
the machine called Amiga.
Then, converted to MIDI data and lastly,
reconverted to make as a Game Boy sound.

I, myself programmed the original music.
Some of the tracks were created straight to
Game Boy sound, so MIDI data won’t exist.
Therefor I believe it was very difficult
to represent the old Game Boy music.

Especially the music of UNOWN from radio!
This tune was created with particular arrangement
and I believe it was very hard to recreate!

It comes with 3cds and 24 pages of booklet!
There are comments of sound staff(including myself).
Please listen!


*(This Pokemon “Gold and Silver” CDs are
available only in Japan.)


Previously, I wrote in this column that
I composed new music to Pocket Monsters Platinum (Japanese title).
Did you find the music out??

The answer is “Battle against Giratina.”
How do you like it?

This battle music was created based on
the anti-matter, reverse side, life and death, and sadness… with
long bodied Giratina struggling.

It’s not usual for me to comment to the music I composed,
but let’s explain a little.

This tune starts off with descend and encounter sound,
then leads to the unstable step with reversing music.
Bass drum performs broken destructive sound, and this
represents the weight and gravity of Giratina.

Hi hat cymbals with effects expresses the distort space.
Then, become quiet briefly… ghastliness.
Phrase of sorrow,
Snare drum conveys the rapid repeats to show the

Due to the distortion of both time and space,
its strain speed changes.
This continues to the terror of Giratina
and its rampage.
And to the climax.
Expresses the power of Giratina.
Then… once again took on its serenity.

The music was created with above images.

I hope you like it.

See ya.