Each battle in this game is unique, strategic and exhilarating! Plan your moves carefully - no more grinding against weak mobs!

Fight with your “Ideas”!

Trade blows in the form of “Ideas”! Adapt to each monster's traits and abilities, and secure the win before you run out of “Ideas”!
All “Ideas” come up in “Izzit” form. Turn them to “Dazzits” to attack or defend!
Turn “Ideas” to “Dazzits”! “Ideas” are for attacking, defending, or special effects. “BREAK” all the monsters' “Dazzits” for a counterattack! Attack “Idea” Defense “Idea” Special “Idea”

Teamwork is key!

You move through the village as you fight the monsters. Receive support from the trusty villagers at each step!
Encourages Axe! Villager support and Gimmicks have various effects. Make the most of them and defend the village! Attacks monsters!

Upgrade your “Ideas”!

Collect “Eureka” Points from battles and quests to upgrade your “Ideas”! Focus on attacking or defending, depending on your tactics!
Learn and experiment which tactics work best, and withstand the monster onslaught!