A peaceful village whose rules prohibit venturing into the outsideworld is thrown into chaos when monsters suddenly appear. Adventure forth and solve this tiny hamlet's multitude of mysteries!

The protagonist

Axe Axe A hot-headed young resident of the village who dreams of the world outside. Finds a “Mysterious Stone” one day in the mines, and gains the power to fight the monsters. Our hero faces off against the mysterious monsters!

The villagers

Nelz Nelz Axe's best buddy for many years, doing all sorts of mischief together. Always has Axe's back when he needs him. Through thick and thin, Nelz always has Axe's back.
Pasmina Pasmina An old friend of Axe's who spends her days herding sheep with her grandmother. She's popular among the girls of the village for her bright and energetic attitude. Somehow or another, she keeps Axe in line.
Ember Ember Axe's mother who raised him all on her own. Every soul in the village knows that Ember's got some serious guts. She might be strict, but it all comes from placet of love.
Minnie Minnie The village merchant's daughter whose actions sometimes reveal her privileged upbringing. She keeps some distance from the other kids, but gets along with them well enough. She can be more naive than she looks.
Matock Matock Axe's self-proclaimed rival who never passes up a chance to try and get the best of him. He's always down for training with Angard.

The residents of a castle

Angard Angard A veteran warrior dispatched by the Castle to studythe monster outbreak. While he's an accomplished swordsman, he's been known to sneak a drink or three before the end of the workday. Angard sets Axe on the path of a warrior.
King&Court Lady King&Court Lady The ruler of the kingdom who is generous and beloved by his subjects. The sudden monster outbreak has weighed heavily on his mind in recent days.
Minister Minister A wise man who helps govern the land. He's friendly with the villagers and always has the kingdom's best interests in mind.
Torren Torren A young swordsman who assists the Minister. While he's around Axe's age, his skills as a warrior are peerless.

Mysterious Monsters

Monsters Monsters bar Axe's way. What could they be after...?