No. 11

Pokemon “FireRed” and “LeafGreen” will go on sale
on September 9th in North America.

Those of you who thought “Green??” are right on the money!

In North America, we released “Aka (red)” and “Midori (green)”
as “Red” and “Blue.”ツ? The Japanese version is called
“Midori” and the North American version is called “Blue.”
Both are the same game. But we had to use “Blue” in
North America for a reason.

If we follow the naming scheme of the original series,
the new games should be “FireRed” and “WaterBlue,”
but I wanted to use “Green” for the following reasons.

- A leaf is a symbol of peace
- Fire and water are opposing concepts so it seems like a conflict
- on the jacket we wanted to have a colorful drawing of Bulbasaur
- A leaf may not be immediately familiar to Japanese kids but
for kids overseas it is an easy concept to grasp
- in this world of conflicts we wanted to give a name
that is suggestive of a peaceful world

As a result we decided for the name “LeafGreen”
all over the world.
I’m very glad.

It’s not easy to come up with a title
that is used in all countries.
But it’s a really interesting process
because in order to persuade other people
I need to explain for myself
why I want to do it?
(During this process I discover why I’m so particular about it!)

Here’s a tip…
We take so much time and effort
when we try to choose titles for our games,
because it involves trademark issues among other things.
But, this time both “FireRed” and “LeafGreen” have been
developed with a focus for ‘simplicity’
so when we had to decide on the titles
we thought about what types of games they are.
Therefore, it didn’t take as much time as it used to.
This too was a gladly glad.

See ya.