For this game we spent lots of time and on localization
from Japanese to many other languages.
Thanks to our collaboration with various teams and
companies over a period of seven years,
we managed to achieve our dream.


To launch the game simultaneously worldwide.


Maybe that dream doesn’t sound so difficult,
but because of the huge amount of text and names within the game,
it takes the creative co-operation of many, many people to achieve it.

All that text and all those names need to be translated into
English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Korean.

It’s very demanding work, but I believe all those involved did a great job.

And because of that effort,


on Saturday, October 12th, 2013,


Pokémon X/Y will be launched at the same time everywhere.
It will be on the shelves in stores all across the world on the same day.

It is like, when you go fishing, and
can’t identify you caught.
Checking on the web and still can’t find out what is it.
It will be an incredibly exciting day.

I hope all the players across the world feel that excitement too.

Finally it will come true.
It is a big achievement.

On that day; October the 12th, 2013,
Pokémon will evolve into the next stage.

Please be there!



I received the question below by Twitter.

“Please let me know what triggered you entering
Game Freak!”

I’d like to answer this question by
using this blog!! = )

First of all…

This is a story before establishing
Game Freak.

I was 18 years old.
Entering Japan Electronic School, major in Computer Graphics
at Shinjuku.

Two years later, I tried to enter the CG company,
but it was really hard to get the job.

After all, I entered software company which uses
C language and Assembly language.

I had to wear a suit at the office.

I was working at a company during weekdays
and spending time making
“Quinty” at Game Freak during weekends
At this time, Game Freak was not
even a company, but group of friends.
It was the idea of hobby and play =)

One year later in 1989,
“Quinty” was done.

Tajiri established Game Freak
for the launch of “Quinty.”
I quit the company which I was working for
and entered Game Freak.

It’s not about money or steadiness.
Because game development was just fun.
And I’m loving it.
It was the only reason.

It was tough back then
No days off, no money,
staying at a company all the time…

But I`ve never gave up
on developing games.

Because I love to do that.

Seven years later, in the year 1996,
we finished Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green.



Today is my birthday!

And I would like to talk about
what kind of timing does an idea comes up.

“Hello, Idea”

This is a TV commercial of Frisk.
Have you seen it?

It’s very fine commercial and
I love it very much.

When you need ideas, where is the place
you get ideas?

Mine is…

In the train… 30%
In the bath tub… 25%
Meeting room… 15%
In the bed… 10%
While e-mailing… 9%
While walking… 5%
While net surfing… 3%
On the plane… 2%
In the bath roomツ… 1%
At the air port… 0%

Surprisingly enough, some ideas come up
while we’re having a meeting.
Since creation is our trade,
this kind of scene can be seen in Game Freak.


From August 12th thru 17th, I’ve visited San Diego (USA).

San Diego locates south of Los Angeles Airport.
It’s about two hour drive.
Around this time of the year in Japan, climate of both
temperature and humidity are high and hot.
But here in San Diego, since humidity is very low,
the place was very comfortable to stay! Less sweat!

And there was…

Pokemon World Championships 2009!!

Both, Video game and Trading Card Tournament
were just extremely furious!!
Hot battles were held everywhere!
But the actual temperature was just chilled
because of air conditioners! Freezing! 8-)

There were more than 130 people were
standing in the line for my autograph!
Thank you very very much!

I grant an interview of Pokemon Sunday.
It will be aired on Sunday August 30th! Please watch!

At the closing ceremony,
a commendation for Video Game World Champion was held.
Champ of the world! Isn’t it just awesome?

As same as the other year,
this year’s championship was also just wonderful!


*(“Pokemon Sunday” is a TV program
which only aired in Japan.)

Here’s little more.

WCS was held at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront.
The hotel can be found in the back.

View from my room.
It’s just fun watching ships and conveying cargos. Time flies!

There’re Dialga and Palkia outside of the hall.

There are tons of people everywhere!

This year, Video game and Trading Card tournament were held at the same hall.
Serious battles!

The final!

Autograph and hand shake of Kawachimaru and myself.

I singned to a cap!

Sun is stunning outside…


How to create video games.

Have you ever thought…
all contents of video games are created abruptly?

Not all rules have established at once!
For example, soccer.
At first, the game “Soccer” was
just kicking a ball by using player’s feet.
Then, it changed to shoot a
ball into the goal.
Furthermore, the number of players have determined, and
each player’s position have created.
“Goalkeeper” and “throwing in” system are framed.
Gradually, the game turned into as current sports “Soccer”.

Same as above soccer, video games are created by the
construction of ideas. Piece by piece, bit by bit.
Imaging its game play when adapting into video games.

All contents of Pokemon are not created abruptly!
Let see some examples from Pokemon.

1: Pokemon are walking on grassy areas.
You may catch them once it came out from the grass.
Once it’s caught, its yours.

2: Your Pokemon can be traded with your friends!

3: Battling with other Pokemon makes your Pokemon more tougher.
Once it reaches to the certain level, Pokemon can
- learn new moves!
- evolve!
- get more stronger!

4: You can battle with Pokemon Trainers appear in the game.
But, their Pokemon can’t be caught.
This makes Pokemon Trainer could carry strong and/or
rare Pokemon!

5: You can catch Pokemon as much as you want.
However, you can carry them up to six Pokemon.

Above are the images of rule creating.
*In the beginning, majority of elements, such as…
“Pokedex”, “Pokemon types”, “fishing”, and
“trading with your friends” were not included.

Listing up the rules of dodgeball can’t image
its game play 100% completely.
When creating video games, it is important to
check the game contents while developing.

Therefore, the video game project may or may not
proceed as it planned initially.
Not like building bridges and constructing roads.

It’s quite difficult, but satisfying.

And here’s extra!

I had an interview with IGN about
Pokemon Platinum North American version.
It’s on the webpage of!

On current issue of Nintendo Power magazine,
three pages are spared for interview article! Wow!
*Sorry, this article can be read on magazine only.

Also, website of Pokemon Platinum
North American version opened!

See ya!


Rules of Pokemon!?

Do you know the rules of Pokemon?

Here are some examples from Pokemon battle…
- Wild Pokemon can be encountered only in grassy areas.
- Battle starts when making an eye contact
with other Pokemon trainer.
- When Pokemon’s HP turns zip, it faints.
- Pokemon can learn up to four moves.
- Whoever’s speed is the fastest, use its move first.
- Pokemon can hold one item.
- Battle continues till your party’s all Pokemon faints.
- Wild Pokemon can be caught by using item(Poke Ball).
and so on.

In case of video games, things what we could
are restricted.
The fact is, those restrictions became rules.

Therefore, although the game looks natural
with many rules,
once its disassembled,
there are many factors such as
rules, desires, moves, are entangled.
Just like basketball.

I know you don’t play video games with this kind of angle,
but our game designers face this particular viewpoint
while they are working.

If you find any,
you can see the things you couldn’t see before.

See ya.


Do many rules make the game more fun!?

I’ve been wondering these days.
Don’t you think the rules of a game extremely interesting?

Such as “Janken (rock, paper, scissors)” and

The rules of janken are…
- There are three elements. Rock, paper and scissors.
- Play with more than two players.
- Rock is stronger than scissors,
scissors are stronger than paper, and
paper is stronger than a rock.
Three cornered deadlock.

The rules of basketball are… (not all of it, of course)
- Play with certain sized ball.
- Time limitation.
- Two teams can be played.
- Five players per one team.
- Use hands to handle the ball.
- Player can walk while he/she dribbles.
- Player couldn’t walk more than three steps after he/she dribbled.
- Two points for one goal. Three points from far range.
- Size of the court is determined.
and so on…

Disassemble the rules like above,
you’ll find there are so many rules to
establish the game called basketball!
And its rules are well made, too.

It seems like many rules are not necessary
connect to its fun game play.

Not only rules, but
using players’ feelings, such as
“one is eager to receiving the ball”
“one is willing to score the points”
those desires make the game more deepen.
Many factors are highly connected each other
and above those contents make the game
to be savored deeply.

I recommend you to disassemble
a game(sports) by using its rules.

See ya.


Only a few more days!
How was the year 2008 for you?

For me, I could say this is the year
I deeply deliberate about the video games more than ever.

What is the video game?
What can video games achieve?
What are the contents which only
video games can express?
What are the best contents to be played
by the video games?
I felt it’s very important to deeply understand about
the video game’s essence, roll and strength.

I kept creating the video games,
since I love creating it.

For example, in music.
If you love singing songs,
you can sing at the corner of the street.
Then attract the attention of a scout,
and become a singer.
You keep singing even you are best singer.
Despite your songs go out, you keep singing.
Nobody is listening, but you won’t stop singing.
The reason is, it’s because…
you love to sing.

I kept creating the video games.
Because I love creating it.

I’ll keep this spirit firmly for the coming next year.

As same as last year, we Game Freak is supported by
many people.
I’d like to ask for your support and enthusiasm!
We will keep on running in the next year 2009 too!!!



When you’re out of ideas, you might come
upon a new idea by focusing on some
topic and keep thinking about it.

When I was young I had a strong memory, so
I memorized a lot of things, but now…
I forget about things I said or did in a short
period of time.
So, when I come up with an idea…!!!
I’d say to myself ‘This is good!!!’ and
take a note of it immediately in my daytimer!

Because it’s a shame to lose a good idea…

I used to use my cell phone to keep note of
my ideas and send mail from the mobile to
my PC in the office… but that approach has
a limitation.

The limitation is… you can’t draw illustrations.
If you draw an image when you come up with an idea,
it will be much easier to develop it later.

That’s why now I’m using a daytimer.
It’s heavy but very handy.

See ya.


No. 99

Picasso once said, ‘I do not seek. I find.’
I use this phrase often these days when
I give lectures…
I think the same thing when I try to come
up with ideas.

When you’re looking for an idea, it’s not
enough just to look at something, hoping that
a great idea will come to you.
It’s the same thing when you are surfing
the internet. But, things start to look
different when you try to ‘find.’

Let’s say there’s a drawing of many circles
in front of you. Many kinds of circles, such
as irregular circles, perfect circles, red
circles and blue circles, are drawn in the
You might ‘find’ it interesting,
but it doesn’t go anywhere if you are just
looking at it, no matter how long you do.
Of course, you may be able to understand
its beauty, or its style, or its theme.

But once you think of it differently…
Once you start to think in terms of ‘to find,’
such as ‘How can we play on (make a game
out of) this drawing?’

* Find perfect circles within a given time
period, or
* Count the numbers of circles of the same
color, and compete for the number of the same
color with other 3 people, or
* Point at a circle with your left hand, and
point another circle of exactly the same size
and shape with your right hand.
The faster you do, the more you score.
As these examples show…

If you think in terms of ‘to find something,’
you can turn a drawing into various kinds of games.

What’s more, the ideas you came up with can be
connected (linked) to other ideas you already have.
That way your game might become even more interesting.
Or, you might be able to look at the idea from
other perspectives.

You can start from anything.
It’s like, you open a book, and try to count
the number of the letter ‘S’ as fast as you can.
Let’s compete!
You ‘find’ an idea.

Please give it a try. I’m sure the variety
of your ideas will expand.

See ya.