No. 31

If you happen to find a magazine called “Yu-Ge”
Just buy a copy. Don’t even think about it!!!
(At present, this magazine is being published
under a different name, and this issue is no longer

Why? Because the magazine comes with a mini CD which
includes “Quinty,” the very first Game Freak game!
This is the first time “Quinty” was ever released on CD!
I feel really happy about this.

“Quinty” was the first game I composed game music for,
and it was during that time that I established a basic
understanding of game music.

And, more than anything, the biggest and most important
thing was that I met Tajiri and Sugimori
through the development of this game.

Both in terms of my life, and also in terms of my
way of thinking and sense of value.
They are really awesome, wonderful people.

While Tajiri was explaining to me the idea for a character
called “Manekko Mimi,”
(an enemy that mimics the player character. Mimi,
an enemy, moves when the player makes a move,
and when s/he stops, Mimi will stop too!)

I suggested to him, “Then, how about music too will
stop when the player stops!”
Tajiri already knew what game music was really about,
and said, “Yes, that’s fun!’

This idea seems to be due partly to my long experience
of playing such games as Pac-man and Xevious.
But it was then that I really came to understand
the importance of interactive aspects in game music.

And, to this day my musical approach remains the same.
In creating game music, you must first think of the game itself.
That’s my theory.

Maybe my approach for game music is more similar
to the way Jazz, Opera, or Ballet music are composed.

See ya.

No. 30

A Happy New Year.
As always, I look forward to your support
and encouragement.

In 2005, too, we at Game Freak will strive to
explore new possibilities, and to make them into

Well then, let’s begin!