Finally, Pokemon Black/White’s reservation
starts from tomorrow 31st!

I’d like to reserve on the first day,
so I am planning to visit Pokemon Center Tokyo

Take a look at this!

I want this!
Its called “Soundrop”

There are two color variations. “Reshiram ver.” and “Zekrom ver.”!
It’s contains Pokemon Center’s healing sound effect
and each of the Pokemon cry.

I checked this “Soundrop” and I realized
the sound of Pokemon cry were well replayed!

I assume the word made from
SOUND + DROP (pendant of sound drop).
Its coinage word of fun!

See ya!

Here is interesting news from Pokemon Daisuki Club!
(I’m also a member of this club)


“Pokemon have changed”
“Completion of Pokemon which kids to adult can enjoy”

I’d like to use above tag-line for
Pocket Monsters Black/White.

Not only Pokemon characters changed,
scenario, direction, and map have changed.

Kanji characters can be displayed.
Infrared, wi-fi, transmission have drastically evolved.
Communication between PC will be changed.

In total, design of game play have renewaled.

When playing Pokemon Black/White,
first impression will be “Is this Pokemon?”
but in next minutes, player would feel
“This is Pokemon!”.

My impression… I usually don’t praise my software but…

this game will be the masterpiece.

Pokemon Black/White is really well made as a
video games and as a RPG.
I personally thinks I can’t overwhelm these titles.

The reservation starts from day after tomorrow.
Person who have played or not played,
please reserve your copy.

See ya.

*Reservation of Pokemon Black/Pearl starts
only in Japan.


Have you been to the Pokemon movies?

In Pokemon movies, if you bring your
Pokemon Game Pak to the movie theater,
you’ll receive rare Pokemon.

It’s epoch-making system which you’ll
receive rare Pokemon in the movie theater.

In this year 2010, we distribute Celebi.

It’s only movie theater to receive
this kind of rare Pokemon.

However, I come up with the idea of distributing
rare Pokemon for player not coming to the
movie theater.

Yes, that is Pokemon number 000, rare Pokemon “Victini”.

It’s not just receiving a Pokemon.
You’ll receive ticket called “Liberty Ticket” to
ride on a ship then special event will be activated.
Then you can meet Victini.
(Please wait for following information for detail.)

This is first time to distribute rare Pokemon
right after the launch of game software.

Don’t miss it!

See ya!

*You can receive rare Pokemon with following DS Game Paks.
(Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/Heart Gold/Soul Silver)

*Receiving Victini event is only available in Japan.


Hello everyone,

it’s quite hot recently, isn’t it?
Speaking of hot, I remind summer, and
speaking of summer, I remind Pokemon.
And speaking of Pokemon,
I remind Pokemon center, the healing place!!!

When I got tired, I often go to
Pokemon Center Tokyo to recover my vital.
This year, the shop is especially sparkling shiny! :-)

While I’m checking shiny shop,
I found out “Pokemon Center Official Staff Voice”.

Have you seen this?
I’m little ashamed I didn’t kow that till today.

And one question comes up…
I wonder whose house is this…

See ya.


Pokemon movie started from Saturday July 10th
this year!

I went to the theater on opening day
and received figure of Zoroark!

This year’s distribution Pokemon is “Celebi”.
You can receive it with one of the following Game Paks.
Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum and
Heart Gold/Soul Silver.

“Celebi” is rare Pokemon in Gold/Silver
which won’t appear during the normal game play.

Theme of “Celebi” is based on nature.
Where beautiful nature exist, Celebi appears.
In the movie, to prevent nature destruction
would be dramatic. But it is not good
to destroy nature to meet Pokemon.

Here’s trivia.
If you bring your “Celebi” to
Pocket Monster Black/White,
special event will be activated.
Zorua will appear in the game!!!!

Zorua and Zoroark won’t appear in the game
Pocket Monster Black/White.
Please watch a movie and receive Celebi!

On Sunday, I visited Pokemon Center Tokyo
to see a new Pikachu goods which start selling
from 10th.
There’s Pikachu everywhere.
The shop is doing a roaring trade.


*”Celebi campaign” is distributed only in Japan.