The day, April 26th 2009 !
We Game Freak areツ? proud to announce our 20th anniversary!
We deeply appreciate for your support from
bottom of our heart.

We would like to keep developing the game not only
creators’ self-complacency, but to make players
surprise and enjoyable.
Creating the video games with deliberateness
is our policy, always.

We Game Freak will keep running toward the future
for creating new entertainments.
Please look forward to play our new work.

I kept working frantically to make fun games
last twenty years.
And, I’ll keep working frantically in future, too. ;-)



On Sunday, April 19th.
I’ll have a special appearance again
on TV Tokyo’s TV program, “Pokemon Sunday”!

One special announcement!
From this April, “Pokemon Sunday” will be
widely broadcasted in almost entire area of Japan.
People who couldn’t check this program before,
please check it out!

*(“Pokemon Sunday” is a TV program
which only aired in Japan.)



Hooray to “Pokemon Center Tokyo”!!

Pokemon Center Tokyo have selected as the third place in…
“2008: Overseas travelers’ most wanted place to visit in Japan.”

The sight named “TripAdvisor” came up with the conclusion
based on their website calculation.

>2008: Overseas travelers’ most wanted place to visit in Japan ranking.

1 Tsukiji Fish Market / Tokyo
2 Tokyo Disneyland / Chiba
3 Pokemon Center Tokyo / Tokyo
4 Roppongi Hills / Tokyo
5 Tokyo Disney Sea / Chiba
6 Sensoji (Asakusa Kannon Temple) / Tokyo
7 Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion) / Kyoto
8 Fushimi Inari Shrine / Kyoto
9 Spa World / Osaka
10 Universal Studios Japan / Osaka
11 Oedo-Onsen-Monogatari / Tokyo
12 Kiyomizu Temple / Kyoto
13 La Qua / Tokyo
14 Osaka Castle / Osaka
15 Meiji Jingu / Tokyo
16 Takaragawa Onsen / Gunma
17 Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan / Osaka
18 Shitennoji / Osaka
19 Hokkaido Jingu / Hokkaido
20 Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden / Tokyo

for more info; TripAdvisor

Isn’ it cool?
See ya!