Only a few more days!
How was the year 2008 for you?

For me, I could say this is the year
I deeply deliberate about the video games more than ever.

What is the video game?
What can video games achieve?
What are the contents which only
video games can express?
What are the best contents to be played
by the video games?
I felt it’s very important to deeply understand about
the video game’s essence, roll and strength.

I kept creating the video games,
since I love creating it.

For example, in music.
If you love singing songs,
you can sing at the corner of the street.
Then attract the attention of a scout,
and become a singer.
You keep singing even you are best singer.
Despite your songs go out, you keep singing.
Nobody is listening, but you won’t stop singing.
The reason is, it’s because…
you love to sing.

I kept creating the video games.
Because I love creating it.

I’ll keep this spirit firmly for the coming next year.

As same as last year, we Game Freak is supported by
many people.
I’d like to ask for your support and enthusiasm!
We will keep on running in the next year 2009 too!!!