Record of fastest sales on DS softwares!!!!

It’s just soooo happy!
And coincidentally, today is my birthday!
I’m glad many people are enjoying the game.

When I’m playing the Poke’mon game,
the clerk of Poke’mon center says
My friend and parents sent me a mail of
And I receive the birthday present from my staffs…

I’m just so happy!!

The info of press release announced today
made me extra happy!!!!

I’ll do my best to make this year full of energy!



Zoroark comes to Game Freak!

On coming Sunday January 9th,
Zoroark comes to Game Freak on TV program
“Poke’mon Smash!”!

I’ll have a special appearance, too!

Don’t miss it!!


*TV program “Poke’mon Smash!” will be aired
only in Japan.


Hello everyone,

Happy New Year!
We ask for your continued good
will in this new year.

Here’s a merry topic.
The CD which contains “Pulseman(1994)” sound track,
“Mega Drive -Last Action Heroes-”
have launched!

Applause! Clap! Clap! Clap!!!
Sooooo happy!!!!

I was just 28 in the year 1994. How young.

Around this time, I was in charge of
programming, sound and sound effects.
I wrote the program of low level system,
which contains collision, graphic, raster scroll,
color change, movement of boss character,
sound program and so on,
on my loving UNIX machine.

So music of “Pulseman” was
composed above circumstances.

Main work is game programming,
and addition to this,
composing music and creating sound effects!!

Since Mega Drive contains FM sound source,
I could made an interesting sound.
Tweaking parameter and change the tunes.
Sound of drum is created by effector and
I remember I was deeply obsessive.
Drum on the title screen was phrase sampling.

Some music sounds like Pokemon, but
essential was techno music straight.

Please purchase and listen to it!!

<Sega Store>


Oh, this “Pulseman” game for Sega Mega Drive
can be played on Wii, Virtual Console now.

Here’s comment from Sugimori.

See ya!