On March 22nd, North American version of
Pokemon Platinum have launched!

The world of Wi-Fi more expands.

This Pokemon Platinum allows to play beyond
players in Japan and North America.
Everyone, please give a try our “Wi-Fi Plaza”!

Here are some web site of my last interviews!

Since the interviewers are fan of Pokemon,
I really had a wonderful time having interviews.
Thank you very much!





Well then, players in North America,
please take a time to enjoy Pokemon Platinum!

See ya!


The THING suddenly appeared.
Beautiful, gigantic, powerful and graceful.
Colored deep reddish steel gray.

I couldn’t take my eyes off from the bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge.

The bridge was just so beautiful,
and impressed me with its presence.

We drove car and viewed from three different spot.
Countenance of the bridge alters depend on the angle.
I gazed without a haste, but felt time was not enough.
There are many points to be observed,
such as main tower, anchorage and cables.

It was just wonderful.

I always though about,
where there’s many people like to taking photos
such as sightseeing place,
I feel some kind of power.

This bridge may change its central reservation near future.
Next time, I’m willing to walk over this 2.7km(about 1.7mile) length bridge.


*Me and Golden Gate Bridge


This is Masuda, reporting from San Francisco at 7:10 PM.

After having eight interviews,
I’ve return to the hotel to write this column.

I had a wonderful time having an interview today, because
majority of interviewers are big fan of Pokemon!

Not like domestic interviews,
overseas interviewers are not asking detailed game questions,
but many question with more broader vision of video games.
It is little tough to answer,
but their questions were quite interesting.

Director of Pokemon Platinum, Kawachimaru
seemed bit tired, but looked stimulated.

Pokemon Platinum North American version will be
launching on March 22nd!!

BTW, I’ve visited Golden Gate Bridge!
I’ll write about this after I returned to Japan.
Please wait!

See ya.


Here’s a surprise announcement for
Pokemon Sunday viewers!!

On Sunday March 15th (from 7:30AM), channel TV Tokyo,
I’ll have a special appearance with Shoko-tan
and other two executive producers on Pokemon Sunday!

*It’s little hard for me to pronounce “Executive Producer”,
but I hope I said with proper pronunciation in the show.

The substance of this program can’t be unveiled.
It’s still a secret!
You’ll find out by watching this Pokemon Sunday!

On Saturday 14th, I’m visiting Nintendo’s
San Francisco office for
having an interview of Pokemon Platinum version.
Since I love checking out bridges,
I’m looking forward to see Golden Gate Bridge!
It’s so exciting!

*(“Pokemon Sunday” is a TV program
which only aired in Japan.)



How to create video games.

Have you ever thought…
all contents of video games are created abruptly?

Not all rules have established at once!
For example, soccer.
At first, the game “Soccer” was
just kicking a ball by using player’s feet.
Then, it changed to shoot a
ball into the goal.
Furthermore, the number of players have determined, and
each player’s position have created.
“Goalkeeper” and “throwing in” system are framed.
Gradually, the game turned into as current sports “Soccer”.

Same as above soccer, video games are created by the
construction of ideas. Piece by piece, bit by bit.
Imaging its game play when adapting into video games.

All contents of Pokemon are not created abruptly!
Let see some examples from Pokemon.

1: Pokemon are walking on grassy areas.
You may catch them once it came out from the grass.
Once it’s caught, its yours.

2: Your Pokemon can be traded with your friends!

3: Battling with other Pokemon makes your Pokemon more tougher.
Once it reaches to the certain level, Pokemon can
- learn new moves!
- evolve!
- get more stronger!

4: You can battle with Pokemon Trainers appear in the game.
But, their Pokemon can’t be caught.
This makes Pokemon Trainer could carry strong and/or
rare Pokemon!

5: You can catch Pokemon as much as you want.
However, you can carry them up to six Pokemon.

Above are the images of rule creating.
*In the beginning, majority of elements, such as…
“Pokedex”, “Pokemon types”, “fishing”, and
“trading with your friends” were not included.

Listing up the rules of dodgeball can’t image
its game play 100% completely.
When creating video games, it is important to
check the game contents while developing.

Therefore, the video game project may or may not
proceed as it planned initially.
Not like building bridges and constructing roads.

It’s quite difficult, but satisfying.

And here’s extra!

I had an interview with IGN about
Pokemon Platinum North American version.
It’s on the webpage of!

On current issue of Nintendo Power magazine,
three pages are spared for interview article! Wow!
*Sorry, this article can be read on magazine only.

Also, website of Pokemon Platinum
North American version opened!

See ya!