No. 35

25 years ago, we played video games not at home
but in places called ‘game centers.’
Game centers had a bad reputation in our society
because people thought juvenile delinquents
hang out there.
As a result, most adults had the image of those
people who play video games as delinquents.

Today, vidoe games have made their way into
mainstream entertainment. As a result, no one will
call you a bad boy if you’re seen playing a video game.

The game industry and the game creators have made
much effort to change people’s perception of video games.
It was a task I can’t praise too highly.

At the same time, I have a hope.
10 or 20 years from now, I’d like to see that
video games are valued even more highly
in society, and that they become something new
and different from the games we see today.

If we only sell games that requires not much
effort to market them,
there will be no reason for making a change,

and change will not happen.
Of course, I think it necessary to include
some aspects that are targeted specifically to
a certain segment of people,
and targeting factors are important for sure.

However, in order to expand the user-base of
a plaything called video games, it’s necessary
to reflect on the current trend of video games
and on the responsibility of the creators.

It is the sprit, power, and sense of value of
the current game creators that will shape the direction
that video games will take in the next 10 years.

Games that focus on war and murder will continue
to be released, but I would like to keep creating
games that are more rich and warm in their contents –
games that will make people happy.

See ya.

No. 34

Thank you very much for those who applied for
Kono Yubi Tomore (Follow Me)!!
How will this event turn out!?
And what stories will be unveiled!?
I’m very much looking forward to it!!!

As for more details, you will find the information below.

On 12th (March, 2005), I went to a sneak preview
of Pokepark, located right beside Nagoya station.
Everyone at Game Freak attended it!
More and more of our staff really lost themselves
in the entertaining attractions there, which were
in an different atmosphere than the familiar world
of video games!
It’s such a nicely-constructed park, and
I’d recommend it to all of you.
It will open on March 18th!
(At present Pokepark is already closed.)

There you will find a new universe of Pokemon.

See ya.


Director Masuda’s “Kono Yubi Tomare (Follow Me)” follow-up
(Please note that this column “Kono Yubi Tomare (Follow Me)”
was an event planned and held in 2005.)

Thank you very much for your applications for the event.
Among the applications, we found cute Pokemon illustrations,
an enthusiastic comments about Pokemon, and stories of
dreams to become a creator.
It was such fun just to read your postcards.
We are very much looking forward to seeing you.

The schedule is
- The deadline for application is March 18th, which is
Friday this week. Your card needs to be delivered before the 18th.
- During March, we will choose the guests and make a plan for the event.
We will contact those who were chosen by email at the end of March.
- Please select a convenient day for you from the possible dates
found in the email.
- Roughly, we are planning to have it on either Saturday or Sunday
during mid- to late April.

Please read the above information carefully.
Thank you for your interest! Please be patient for a little more.

If you are not chosen this time, don’t be too disappointed.
There may be a second occasion for which you can apply again.

Kono Yubi Tomare (Follow Me) organizing staff, Sato & Ohmori

No. 33

Today, unlike usual columns, I have an announcement to make.

A special event to celebrate the 9th anniversary of Pokemon
from our Game Designers at Game Freak!!

I’m looking forward to seeing you!

(Please note that this column “Kono Yubi Tomare (Follow Me)”
was an event planned and held in 2005.)

Director Masuda presents “Kono Yubi Tomare (Follow Me)!”

“How do the general players think of Pokemon…?”
With such a question from the Development director at
Game Freak, we started a project.

This will be an invitation to Pokemon enthusiasts to come
to our company and have a chat with our director, Masuda!.

Those of you who love Pokemon!
Those of you who want to be game creators!
Wouldn’t you like to talk and discuss with
our Development director in a cozy atmosphere?

*How to participate
Send a postcard to Game Freak with the answers
to the questions below.

*Who are eligible?
Those of you who love Pokemon and also want
to become a game creator.

*On the top side of a postcard, write
“Kono Yubi Tomare (Follow Me)” project
Game Freak, Inc.
Kashiwa Third Building 5F
1-40-6 Kitazawa
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
(We have moved our office and are no longer there.)

*On the flip side, write
1) your name
2) your age
3) your address and telephone number
4) your occupation
5) your email address
6) a word to Game Freak! such as
“I would like to ask Masuda such and such questions”
“What I like about Pokemon is…”
“I’d like to become such and such game creator”
etc. Really anything. You can write as many questions as you like.

Our staff at Game Freak will read your postcards,
and we will announce the time and place of the event
when there are enough people to attend it.
Those who were selected will receive a postcard or an email
from Game Freak containing information about the event.

Reports of the event will be posted on this site later.
Also, the comments from those who were unfortunately
not chosen may be posted on this site.

We hope many of you will send us a card!

Kono Yubi Tomare (Follow Me) organizing staff, Sato & Ohmori