Today is exactly one year since I started to tweet!

There are more than 33,000 people following me.
Thank you very much, everyone!

During this one year, I have been receiving
a lot of messages from all over the world.

With questions about game contents, Pokémon Center, as well as about daily life.
I have learned a lot about people who love Pokémon about their
countries and places they live.

The autograph session I had at all Pokémon Centers in Japan
also could happen because of twits I received.

I’m very happy I can communicate with all of you,
and I’m very glad, I started to use twitter : )

I deeply appreciate your support!
Thank you very much.

Please keep cheering twitter, this column and Game Freak!!

Also, the official launch of “Pokémon Black 2″ and ”Pokémon White 2″ are
on Sunday 7th in North America, and Friday, 12th in Europe.

Finally the whole world will be connected.
Have fun trading your Pokémon using GTS!!

Sorry we kept you waiting dear players!
Please enjoy your adventures!