From August 12th thru 17th, I’ve visited San Diego (USA).

San Diego locates south of Los Angeles Airport.
It’s about two hour drive.
Around this time of the year in Japan, climate of both
temperature and humidity are high and hot.
But here in San Diego, since humidity is very low,
the place was very comfortable to stay! Less sweat!

And there was…

Pokemon World Championships 2009!!

Both, Video game and Trading Card Tournament
were just extremely furious!!
Hot battles were held everywhere!
But the actual temperature was just chilled
because of air conditioners! Freezing! 8-)

There were more than 130 people were
standing in the line for my autograph!
Thank you very very much!

I grant an interview of Pokemon Sunday.
It will be aired on Sunday August 30th! Please watch!

At the closing ceremony,
a commendation for Video Game World Champion was held.
Champ of the world! Isn’t it just awesome?

As same as the other year,
this year’s championship was also just wonderful!


*(“Pokemon Sunday” is a TV program
which only aired in Japan.)

Here’s little more.

WCS was held at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront.
The hotel can be found in the back.

View from my room.
It’s just fun watching ships and conveying cargos. Time flies!

There’re Dialga and Palkia outside of the hall.

There are tons of people everywhere!

This year, Video game and Trading Card tournament were held at the same hall.
Serious battles!

The final!

Autograph and hand shake of Kawachimaru and myself.

I singned to a cap!

Sun is stunning outside…