The day of September 18th, it is the day of
one year anniversary of Pocket Monsters Black and White!
Thank you very much!

The member of PGL reached to 1.8 million people!!
And battle got excited, too.
Thank you very much for the registration!

Here is special article for Pokémon Black and White
one year anniversary!

I’ll talk about “Ghetsis” this time!!

Enemy’s boss. I checked if there’s a
sinister name as music tone.
And… I found out there is one.


It is called “the Devil in music”…

So, I named after this.
Here is an explanation.

Music G note, pronounce “Ghe” in German (written “G”).
Music C sharp note, pronounce “tsis” in German (written “Cis”).

Above two note’s chord are tricode.

This is how Ghetsis named.

Of course, battle music against Ghetsis
is based on this chord.

Not only timpani, but melody and voice parts
are coordinated by “G” and “C sharp”,
which is “G” and “Cis”.

It’s little bit spooky music, isn’t it?

Let’s listen a bit.

How was it?
Unfortunately I believe the person who have
an absolute pitch can understand.

I’ll talk about the music of “N” next time!



On Monday September 19th, I was in Nagoya
whole day.

The reason why is…

I visited “Famitsu presents: Press Start 2011″,
video games classic concert!

And I was planned to have a speech about
Pokémon’s 15th anniversary and Black & White’s
one year anniversary… there are lots of
contents I want to speak, however
there are not much time given.
I talked about Pokémon briefly.

However, it was a very nice concert!
Essence of video game is well contained.

Well, music was splendid.
I personally liked the music of
“Spelunker”, “Gradius” and “Final Fantasy IV”…

It was just cool.

Of course, Pokémon music was excellent, too.
The music was arranged by Kage-yan,
our sound designer.
Very nice!

I ate chicken wings after the concert.
Which was also very nice.

Wearing suit at the dressing room.

Me and Kage-yan(right).




On Thursday September 15th at 16:00 o’clock,
“Japan Game Award” was held at Makuhari Messe.

Believe it or not, we received four award
with Pokémon related!!

1)Ministry of Economic Industry Award
The Pokémon Company’s “Mr. Tsunekazu Ishihara”

2)Global Award Japanese game section
“Pocket monsters Heart Gold / Soul Silver”

3)Best Sales Award
4)Award for Excellence
“Pocket Monsters Black / White”

Well, I’m quite happy.
Thank you for the supporting fans.

Other awarded video games.

Receiving “Best Sales Award” from
selected fan.

Having a speech on the stage.

Little bit more close =)

Receiving “Award for Excellence”.

2nd speech. I wonder what was I looking =)

Again everyone,
Thank you for supporting
Pocket Monsters!!

See ya.


Have you see the live performance of MTM
on September 4th?

Three songs were performed!

Long ago, when “Pokémon Smash!!” was called
“Pokémon Sunday”, Shokotan visited Game Freak
for asking one song from me.
Therefore, I created the song, and that song
was performed by MTM!

And next comes to…
MTM with battle woman M’s
theme of Cynthia.

Music of legendary Pokemon’s music
with Victini.
Kids must be surprised.
It’s super techno=)

I believe people got excited!!

Here’s the blog from Shokotan!!

How wonderful!



MTM will be broadcasted by USTREAM!!

On September 3rd and 4th,
“Pokémon Smash!” will be taking place
at Roppongi Hills arena!
The song “Pokémon Ierukana BW” will be performed
at Roppongi Hills!
On Sunday September 4th at 16:00,
MTM will be appeared at this hall.
What music will be played!?
There will be more than one song performed!!
The music you know already arranged to
a groovy tunes!!
If you live close from Roppongi Hills,
please visit and listen to this live performance.
If you live far from this place, please
check it out with USTREAM!!
Additional information.
On September 4th’s “Pokémon Smash!”, WCS at San Diego will be
showed. Please check this out, too!
*TV program “Pokémon Smash” is aired only in Japan.