Rules of Pokemon!?

Do you know the rules of Pokemon?

Here are some examples from Pokemon battle…
- Wild Pokemon can be encountered only in grassy areas.
- Battle starts when making an eye contact
with other Pokemon trainer.
- When Pokemon’s HP turns zip, it faints.
- Pokemon can learn up to four moves.
- Whoever’s speed is the fastest, use its move first.
- Pokemon can hold one item.
- Battle continues till your party’s all Pokemon faints.
- Wild Pokemon can be caught by using item(Poke Ball).
and so on.

In case of video games, things what we could
are restricted.
The fact is, those restrictions became rules.

Therefore, although the game looks natural
with many rules,
once its disassembled,
there are many factors such as
rules, desires, moves, are entangled.
Just like basketball.

I know you don’t play video games with this kind of angle,
but our game designers face this particular viewpoint
while they are working.

If you find any,
you can see the things you couldn’t see before.

See ya.


Do many rules make the game more fun!?

I’ve been wondering these days.
Don’t you think the rules of a game extremely interesting?

Such as “Janken (rock, paper, scissors)” and

The rules of janken are…
- There are three elements. Rock, paper and scissors.
- Play with more than two players.
- Rock is stronger than scissors,
scissors are stronger than paper, and
paper is stronger than a rock.
Three cornered deadlock.

The rules of basketball are… (not all of it, of course)
- Play with certain sized ball.
- Time limitation.
- Two teams can be played.
- Five players per one team.
- Use hands to handle the ball.
- Player can walk while he/she dribbles.
- Player couldn’t walk more than three steps after he/she dribbled.
- Two points for one goal. Three points from far range.
- Size of the court is determined.
and so on…

Disassemble the rules like above,
you’ll find there are so many rules to
establish the game called basketball!
And its rules are well made, too.

It seems like many rules are not necessary
connect to its fun game play.

Not only rules, but
using players’ feelings, such as
“one is eager to receiving the ball”
“one is willing to score the points”
those desires make the game more deepen.
Many factors are highly connected each other
and above those contents make the game
to be savored deeply.

I recommend you to disassemble
a game(sports) by using its rules.

See ya.


I’m working on a various business and
here is a one of my work I would like you to introduce.

That is the thing…
I created the materials from last year…
Gathering the contents to the Power Point…
Keep studying it…
Doing several rehearsels…

we Game Freak had a lecture meeting!

I disassembled the Video Games into following four elements.
Which are “Playing”, “Controlling”, “View of the world”,
and “Opponent”.
Then, explained one element by one in detail
how important they are for game play.

The second half of the meeting was used for
the “Creation of Game Freak’s Style.”

There are only short period of time I can use,
and wondering how much contents I imparted.
I will be delighted if everyone received my message
even a bit.

This business is completely
different from what I’m doing in normal days.
It’s very inspiring and… difficult!

Disassembele the video game earnestly.

Little break…
(The building “International Forum” looks really cool…)

See ya!


“YAWN” learned Pikachu!

Do you know sleeping Pikachu?

Currently, there’s a special campaign called
“Sleeping Pikachu Festival”
held at all POKeMON CENTER in Japan!

Visit Pokemon Center Japan for receiving
YAWN learned Pikachu to your
either Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum.
This present continues till this March 15th(Sunday).

And… here is the figure of “Sleeping Pikachu”
which sold in Pokemon Center Japan!

Let Pikachu sleep on my hand…

Sleep together
Sleep together…

Sleeping on a fluffy meadow
Sleeping on a fluffy meadow…
Sleeping on Shaymin’s back!

Sleeping Pikachu matches with various places.
Please give it a try!!

See ya.

*This Sleeping Pikachu figure is sold only in Pokemon Center Japan.


Please check next “Pokemon Sunday”!

On Sunday February 15th, I’ll make a brief
appearance on “Pokemon Sunday”!

Kawachimaru, the director of Pokemon Platinum
will also have a appearance!

Some of our development staff will be shown,
unless it’s not crossed out.

I hope you can feel the atmosphere of our company!

And… I was amazed at the ideas of what
TV crew come up with.

Don’t miss it!

See ya.

*(“Pokemon Sunday” is a TV program
which only aired in Japan.)


The game launches on this March 22nd!

“Pokemon Platinum version” will be launched on
March 22nd in North America!

When I look at the English version package and
its advertisement,
I felt the new face of “Pokemon Platinum version” is created.
My heart filled with happy expectation!
Please look forward to upcoming North American version!

And… the other day,
I gave an interview to “Nintendo Power” and “”
Quite interesting questions were asked.
I’m excited to see how’s the article going to be!

One additional info,
will be opening very soon.

As always, we’d like to ask for your support!
As always, we'd like to ask for your support!

Here’s “Hi” from Pichu!