Only cake’s pictures were shown on the last column,
so here’s little appendix.

Candles are burning.
The cake, Starbucks and I, Masuda.


Munching cake with staffs.


This is a new attempt.
Adding a new information over the old one!! (What da ya know!)
It’ll be more pleasant, if the information is much faster…

Why is that?
Because if it’s not, they aren’t real?
Because if it’s not, they aren’t live?

The old information on the newspaper can be tolerable,
however on the web, it’s contrary…
Very intriguing.

BTW, have you played Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
on this January 12th?
Did you find snow was falling bit different?
Snowpoint City was just beautiful!

This means, on January 12th,
the weather all over the world were same.
(I’ve always want to do that!)



What a surprise!!

Game Freak staffs celebrated my birthday just right now!!
Tomorrow is my birthday!!
Chocolate cake and Starbucks Tall Latte!!
It was super delicious!!

Many thanks to all!!
I deeply appreciated it!!



Greetings. Happy new year!
We look forward to your support
and encouragement.

In 2008, we Game Freak will try for
various things as always!
And we will keep striving to create
new innovation beyond the imagination.

I’d like to ask a question to you.
Do you have an aspiration for this year?

I, Masuda’s aspiration will be
‘to gather up stuffs firmly’.
Last year was the year of ‘Challenge’…
This year, I’d like to gather many things up firmly.
If you don’t have any aspiration yet,
try to come up with one!

Oh, yes.
Here’s a little surprise for you.

Please play Pokemon Diamond / Pearl on January 12th.
You’ll find something different!!!!!

I hope this year, things go well for all of you.

See ya.