“N” Special!!!
Part II of Pocket Monsters Black and White
one year anniversary!
Here is a part of N’s initial draft.

–Starts here–

Real name of N is “Natural Harmonia Gropius”
“N” comes from “Natural number”
N exceed human.
His IQ is enormously high.
He has a talent of mathematics and
called magician of mathematics. Genius.
He have quick wits and have a
wave on his emotion.
He can see people’s past and future.
Rumored he was born from Pokémon.
(His parents are unknown.)
He loves Pokémon very deeply,
and keep distance against human.
He thinks himself as a perfection.
He admire Pokemon as a prime existence.
Since he keeps distance from people,
he is afraid from other people.
Therefor, he establishes very close
relationship with Pokémon.

–Ends here–

And so on…

Since the initial draft is created
with this contents, the music is
designed based on this idea.

As he is genius of mathematics,
himself(one) is the number of divisor.
Natural number of bigger than number, “one”.

“Prime Number”

The music is created by based on
this prime number.

There are two music for N.
Here is the explanation of “Battle against N”
This music is created for the
final battle against N.

1st and 2nd bars.
Make C3(center of the keyboard. “Do”) as a standard “0″, and
white keyboard is considered as “1″.
The prime number of 23, 19, 17, 13, 11, 7, 5, 3 sound
It is little bit complicated, as a time wise, an eighth note
is prime number. As eighth note considered as 1.
2, 3, 5, 7, 11 and lastly 13,
these nine notes make same sound vertically.

3rd to 13th bars.
Make C3(center of the keyboard. “Do”) as a standard “0″, and
white keyboard is considered as “1″.
The sound of prime number increases to 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19.
Vertical eight prime number based on sixteen note.
It is an image of electricity in the brain.
Light bass drum, ominous bass represent N as a genius
than king.

7th to 10th bars.
Clock ticking sound is expressing the past and the future.
7th thru 9th bars are used closed high hat cymbal.

11th to 13th bars.
Drum enters into the genre called techno and jungle.

14th bar.
Four dotted note.(=three eight note, three is prime number)
two each.
(two=prime number)

15th to 19th bars.
Long tone of 5 bar. 5 is a prime number.
Fade in with a steel drum’s steel sound sparkling.
This represent the wit if N’s brain.
(Like releasing dopamine)
The music is based on not by the code but the prime number.

20th bar.
Sounds rewinding the steel drum and declining by every halftone
and volume decreases.

21st to 23rd bars.
3 bars(3=prime number)

24th bar.
Sounds of winding steel drum and becoming higher.

25th to 29th bars.
5 bars. Prime number. It’s little different from 15th to 19th
bar’s harmony.
Also, from 25th bar, steel drum is coming in.
Balance compared sound volume is different from 15th to 19th

30th to 33rd bars.
Same as 21st to 23rd bars.

34th to 39th bars.
Image of ending before the theme change. Drum get weaker.
Since I want the tension high with 38th and 39th
bars, sound designed higher and higher.

40th to 55th bars.
Sound overlaps with steel bass and pipe organ.
Since this is the final battle against N,
to make the scene noble and mysterious,
I created this phrase with pipe organ.
Sound of steel tone substitute rhythm part.
The voice is used for relation from opening, and
voices of a man and a woman is used.

48th to 55th bars.
Adding sound effect. Sound of giant thing rotates.
Low deep rhythm.

47th and 53rd bars.
One of the sound here is influencing 14th and 24th bars.

56th to 67th bars.
Bass drum is entering with fourth note. Heavy and strong.
Passion spout of N.
Rage deeply rises from calm N.

68th to 75th bars.
Drum(mind) surpluses emotion.
To express the strongness, tone of the
music rises by half step.

76th to 79th bars.
Explosion of energy.
Everything of N will be released.

80th to 83rd bars.
Rest of energy remains. Back to 15th bar.
Therefore players tension keep highly, then loops.
The player listens to music with one grade higher
even a same phrase.
83rd bar=prime number.

How was it?
I hope you are interested in N and N’s music.

Here is the music starting from the prime number.



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It was stunning from the beginning.

Impact I encountered with Apple II,
Impact I encountered with Macintosh 128k,
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Impact I encountered with iMac,
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Menu of Mac which does not change
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operatively of iPhone,
ultimate user interface,
OS which always see the future,
always valued user’s feeling more than anything.
Thank you.

Revolutionary manufacturing.
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I love them all.

You gave me a lot of courage.

You gave me a lot of stimulation.

You told me there is no impossible.

Thank you, Mr. Jobs.