On May 22nd.
Pokemon Platinum version have launched in Europe!
All the players in Europe,
please enjoy our latest Pokemon!!

And players in Japan and North America!
Pokemon Platinum’s “GTS” allows you to search
based on each countries.
Please do trade your Pokemon with
European players using GTS!

This autumn, two new titles will be
launching in Japan!
“Pocket Monsters Heart Gold(Japanese title)”
“Pocket Monsters Soul Silver(Japanese title)”

We, Game Freak have spent long and firm time
developing above two titles.

Original “Pokemon Gold & Silver” was launched
on November 21st 1999.
And the “Pokemon Gold & Silver” will be back
with far more excitement.

It had been 12 years since we named
new region “JOHTO.”
*JOHTO means “castle palace” and
“lattice shaped palace”

Person who played the original “Gold & Silver” at age 12
turns into age 22!! Wow!

Time sure flies fast.

Well everybody,
please look forward to play our new games!

See ya!