No. 56

Today, February 27th, 2006, marks the 10th
anniversary of the release of Pokemon Red & Green!

Time really flies.
It seems I’ve been always running, just keeping
up with Pokemon that has spread all over the world
and become gigantic.

Pokemon Red & Green was released 10 years ago,
in 1996, and has been loved by people all over
the world since then.
We have been expanding the world of Pokemon,
adding new ways of playing to the foundation of
Red & Green.
We have created each game with the same spirit,
without increasing difficulty level with each
new game.
We always think it important
‘Never forget the ideals with which we started out.’

A lot of people have given us support and
encouragement, and it means a lot to me.
The fact that you have been waiting for the
release of Pokemon “Diamond & Pearl,” is one,
and another is your comments on various websites.
The fact that you are enthusiastic about
Pokemon gives us a huge power.
Without your support, we wouldn’t have been
able to go through these 10 years.

In any case, with the power you gave us, and
trying to exceed your expectations,
we will release

“Pokemon Diamond & Peral”

in the 10th year since the birth of Pokemon.

I promise to finish it up so that it will
be the ultimate Pokemon game software!

See ya.