Autograph session is coming to all Pokémon Centers in Japan!!

I received a tweet for requesting my autograph session
when Pokemon Center Tohoku was established.

I want to share my energy to Tohoku’s people and
I’m willing to do the autograph session!!

But the other tweeters expanded the story to
“What about Osaka?, Fukuoka? and Yokohama?”!!

In total, all Pokémon Centers in Japan is
going to have an autograph session!

To tell the truth, in previous past,
I did the autograph session in Pokémon World
North America, London and Korea.
But I never had a chance in Japan = )

This time, autograph session will be held in Japan for first time…
But I never thought the event become this big.

No wonder Twitter is super : )

Everyone, let’s meet at the Pokémon Center!!!
Even you don’t have a chance to get the
autograph, please come and visit = )


*This autograph session will be held only in Japan.



I was selected by overseas site,
IGN’s Top 30 Games People of 2011 ; )

Right over here.

I’ve little surprised by how big the picture of me was!

Pokémon Black/White was selected because of
infrared Battle and trading system,
C gear constant communication and PGL Sync.
However, player’s experience does not end just inside the game.
You stay connected to a real world all the time.

I am honestly happy to be selected.
Thank you very much IGN!!