Hello everyone!
On Sunday, December 16th 2012.
I had a autograph session at “Animate” in Akihabara.
There were so many people. Thank You very much for coming!
Here are some details of the event.

Many people were waiting in the line since very early morning.
I was wondering how many of you will come and it was amazing!
Some people came at 4 am and were waiting in cold!!!
Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.

Initially, we were planning to have two signing sessions.
One at 11.00 and another at 14.00.
However, because so many fans came, I did one more session.
Still, there was no enough time to sign for everyone.
I would like to say sorry to everyone who couldn’t get an autograph.
Please wait till next time !
So, our event started at 11 o’clock.
I disguised myself as a new member of Team Plasma!

Staff of GAME FREAK’s new game “HarmoKnight
also joins. They answered the “Pokémon” and “HarmoKnight”
questions which I received previously by using my Twitter!

“HarmoKnight” ; GAME FREAK’s new game, team members came
to answer some questions, which were previously asked by our fans on Twitter.

Next, autograph session started!
If you take a closer look at a illustration,
you will notice we used a special kind of paper. Which is… !!

Illustrated collaboration between “Pokémon” and “HarmoKnight” !

James, “HarmoKnight” game director and character designer
drew this picture especially for this event!
James is also responsible for some Pokémon character designs!
And as usually, we had a photo session afterwards!
These are photos with all, 180 people who participated at this autograph session!

Everyone was great! Wonderful!!!
We set up a play corner for “HarmoKnight” and our
company members were introducing the game.
(If you haven’t play the game yet, please give it a try!)

It was a very precious time for our crew members,
to have a chat with everyone.

Everytime we have this kind of session ,
I receive a lot of positive energy from everyone!
It was very nice talking to you directly!!
Thank you, thank you very much!!
I also would like thank to Animate,
and the staff of Animate in Akihabara.
Manager of Animate Mr. Sato, thank you very much!!
Hope we will have another chance to meet in there!
The whole autograph session went very well, and nice.
Everything, because of you!
Again, thank you very much!!


As I announced earlier on my Twitter,
because “Team Plasma” is taking control over many places,
I myself, decided to join them. It looks fun!
Here is a photo to prove it! =)

It’s a “Grunt” !!

Also, starting from the Saturday December 15th,
Pokémon “Deoxys” will be distributed during selected
“Team Plasma” supremacy events!

You can read about it in details here:

Take a look at the name of “OT” (Original Trainer) =)
And please come to the event !