No. 55

As I look back this year,
I realize we made many kinds of challenges.
We released “Screw Breaker” for Game Boy Advance,
a new original action game from Game Freak
in a while, and we opened its website.
Also, I made an acquaintance with
Mr. Shigeaki Saegusa, the Japan’s leading composer.
I have a feeling that something will happen next year.

And, brilliant new staff joined Game Freak this
year too, and I was able to work with the wonderful,
the best team of almost 50 people.
This too is very important for me,
and this was a blessed, good year.

Well, as for Pokemon Diamond & Pearl,
the development is on its way!
But not quite there yet!
There are tons of details that
we care very much about, and it’s not yet quite
polished enough as a game.
It’s difficult to incorporate such functions
as the two screens, the touch screen, and
the wireless communication function, but these
days people seem to really enjoy WiFi…
I think it’s about time to decide where Pokemon
Diamond & Pearl will be marketed at.
I’m going to wrap the whole thing up next year,
linking ideas for the game together.

Ideally, I want to turn it into something that will
go beyond the differences of race or national borders.
A game that you can play with, and communicate with,
everyone on this planet.

Well, I’ll keep on making challenges next year too!!

Well now,
Have a great new year!