No. 62

On November 20th, Miss Shoko Nakagawa, a.k.a.
‘Shokotan’ paid us a visit!
It was an interview for ‘Pokemon Sunday’
(a Japanese TV program featuring Pokemon).
It will be aired on December 17th, and you
will be able to see the inside of Game Freak
and me. It will be nice if you have a
chance to see the program.
No, I mean, don’t forget to watch it!
(Note: this program is now put off the air).

It’s hard to know where to look at when
being filmed…
I am curious myself how it turned out.

By the way, there’s an entry about the
interview in the famous ‘Shokotan Blog’ too.

Well, I think it’s a great talent to be
able to write as many new entries as she does.
Really, I need to follow her example.
I guess the trick is…
‘Write as soon as there’s an idea’
Don’t you agree?
Anyhow, she’s amazing.

No. 61

Now, we’re holding a series of concerts
called “Pokemon Happy Birthday Concert”
in celebration of Pokemon’s 10th anniversary.
It is for the members of ‘Pokemon Daisuki Club’
and ‘club.nintendo,’ and guests are chosen
by lottery…

Concerts are really nice, aren’t they?

While it’s difficult to make an opportunity
to meet everybody, I hope to do something
about it through these concerts.

As it’s very different from our usual developing
job, there are many occasions that I’m confused
about what to do, but for the time being I’m having
fun despite all that.

The concerts started in Tokyo on October 28th (Sat),
and next in Kyushu on November 5th (Sun) and
in Hyogo on November 12th (Sun).
At all three locations we had such a large
number of people coming to the concerts and it
pleased me more than anything to see the guests
having a good time.
Many thanks to those who came.

Game music played by an orchestra.
I’m sure you can enjoy the power of music very much,
such as its beauty, excitement, and powerful sounds.

The final concert is in Hokkaido.
I guarantee it’s going to be fun,
so if you have a ticket, make sure to attend it!

See ya!