Check this out!

I appeared in “Ikimono-gakari” promotion video clip titled “Egao” ,(“Smile”).
*Ikimono-gakari is a famous Japanese band.

It was just amazing!!!

I had a opportunity to be a part of it, because of my
earlier appearance on “Ikimono-gakari’s” radio show,
where I met Yoshiki Mizuno – writer and composer the song.

Encounting people is wonderful,
as it opens up new possibilities and experiences.


Early morning in Roppongi, on 9th of June 2013.
That day I had a flight to Los Angeles,
so I asked to have a recording as a first person.

I was sitting in the middle. Recording started.

I did all director asked me to, and…
“OK! Cut! It’s done.”

I thought we were just rehearsing,
but director said it was good.

All happened in a split second.
I had fun doing the recording.


Here is full video clip.
*This video clip may be available in Japan only.

It was a great experience !

Thanks for inviting me, “Ikimono-gakari”

Official site of Ikimono-gakari.’m planning to attend the event, too.)



Today I’d like to talk a bit about this year’s E3,
which took place in Los Angeles from the 11th of June.

I was asked by Satoru Iwata – Nintendo’s President – to join the
“Developer Round Table” for a presentation and Q&A.

Until now, Japan used to be the first country to have a
new Pokémon game announced.
We were always releasing game in Japan before E3 was held,
and we had a chance to discuss it. This year was different.

I usually do not have much for the press during E3.
So it was great to be invited to the “Developer Round Table”,
and prepare my presentation.

I arrived in Los Angeles on the 9th of June.
There is a 16 hour time gap between Japan and L.A.
After the 10 hour long flight, rehearsal started immediately.


The day after that we had another rehearsal.


And finally, the day came.
Here is a photo from the first day of rehearsal.

I hoped that the auditorium…

would be full of people.

It started!
There were a lot of press members gathered in the hall.

It was full of people.
Thanks everybody!!

And action!
Tsunekazu Ishihara gave a speech that was about 20 minutes long,
and a 40 minute long presentation.

The presentation went well.
And then the time for Q&A had come.
From that point photography and recording were permitted.



It was amazing.
About 200 companies and about 300 people came to see the presentation.
I really appreciated everyone’s participation.

It was great to be there together with Shigeru Miyamoto,
Takashi Tezuka, and Eiji Aonuma of Nintendo, and Masahiro Sakurai from “Sora”.
Thank you very much.

And this is how the E3 “developer Round Table” went for us.

Here’s a video clip from the presentation.
It’s about 5 minutes long.

And here is the information from Nintendo Direct.



For this game we spent lots of time and on localization
from Japanese to many other languages.
Thanks to our collaboration with various teams and
companies over a period of seven years,
we managed to achieve our dream.


To launch the game simultaneously worldwide.


Maybe that dream doesn’t sound so difficult,
but because of the huge amount of text and names within the game,
it takes the creative co-operation of many, many people to achieve it.

All that text and all those names need to be translated into
English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Korean.

It’s very demanding work, but I believe all those involved did a great job.

And because of that effort,


on Saturday, October 12th, 2013,


Pokémon X/Y will be launched at the same time everywhere.
It will be on the shelves in stores all across the world on the same day.

It is like, when you go fishing, and
can’t identify you caught.
Checking on the web and still can’t find out what is it.
It will be an incredibly exciting day.

I hope all the players across the world feel that excitement too.

Finally it will come true.
It is a big achievement.

On that day; October the 12th, 2013,
Pokémon will evolve into the next stage.

Please be there!