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I received the question below by Twitter.

“Please let me know what triggered you entering
Game Freak!”

I’d like to answer this question by
using this blog!! = )

First of all…

This is a story before establishing
Game Freak.

I was 18 years old.
Entering Japan Electronic School, major in Computer Graphics
at Shinjuku.

Two years later, I tried to enter the CG company,
but it was really hard to get the job.

After all, I entered software company which uses
C language and Assembly language.

I had to wear a suit at the office.

I was working at a company during weekdays
and spending time making
“Quinty” at Game Freak during weekends
At this time, Game Freak was not
even a company, but group of friends.
It was the idea of hobby and play =)

One year later in 1989,
“Quinty” was done.

Tajiri established Game Freak
for the launch of “Quinty.”
I quit the company which I was working for
and entered Game Freak.

It’s not about money or steadiness.
Because game development was just fun.
And I’m loving it.
It was the only reason.

It was tough back then
No days off, no money,
staying at a company all the time…

But I`ve never gave up
on developing games.

Because I love to do that.

Seven years later, in the year 1996,
we finished Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green.