Great news!!

There will be another autograph session!!

On Sunday, December 16th 2012, from 11am and from 14pm.
(twice during the day), I will have an autograph sessions at “Animate”: Akihabara branch!
You will need to get a session tickets first in order to participate in a session

This will be my first autograph session at “Animate”, so I feel quite excited !
*”Animate” is a shop selling an animation related goods in Japan

Please check the Pokémon official website for details !

Also, starting from today, until Sunday, December the 9th,
I will be taking your questions related to Game Freak games.
You can ask about “Pokémon“, but also about our latest game,
Rhythm Hunter HarmoKnight“.
I am waiting for your questions on Twitter!

Don’t forget to add “#masuda_sign” tag to your questions!

I would like to answer some of your questions during my
autograph session!
Later of course, I will write here, how the session went,
so stay tuned!

I am looking forward to meeting you!!

Oh! And one more thing.

If You still haven’t play “Rhythm Hunter HarmoKnight”,
do it before the autograph session!!
*The game “Rhythm Hunter HarmoKnight”can be downloaded
only in Japan.