The launch date of “Pokémon Black 2 and White 2″
has been decided.
It is Saturday, June 23rd!
Preorders started as well!!

Game is for Nintendo DS console,
however is also playable on 3DS consoles!!

It is named “2″, but even player,
who haven’t played the previous one,
can enjoy the game!

I asked Takao Unno, the director of a game,
which version should choose a player this time,
if he or she had played Black version of a previous game.
I also received a lot of similar questions on Twitter.

Takao said:
” If you played Black version before,
I would recommend playing Black version again
to experience all differences!!”

“However,”-he also said-”Both versions are great,
so both are recommended!!”

This time preorder rules are a bit different.
So, if you are interested, please check out the following link:

When you preorder both Black2 and White2 versions at a Pokemon Center,
You will also get Game Freak graphic designer’s, Mana Ibe illustration.

We put our whole creativity into “Pokémon Black2 and White2″!
The game will be soon in your hands!!

Enjoy !


Here is the official “Pokémon Black2 and White2 ” website:

*Release date has been decided only for Japan.