No. 76

Oh, I’ve been busy in March…
I have been literally swamped with work, but…

Holy cow!
“Yoshi’s Eggs(English title: Yoshi),” a game
developed by Game Freak in 1991, is now being
distributed through Wii’s Virtual Console!

What a surprise!

Even compared with the first Pokemon, which
was released in 1996, “Yosshi’s Eggs” is such
an old game, but it is very addictive.
Please give it a try!

Incidentally, I did the music.
(There were only three tones. Very few… but it
has its own charms, doesn’t it?)

I will appear on Pokemon Sunday which airs on
March 18th (Sunday). I will make an appearance
with the three of Robert (a Japanese comic trio).
(This episode was aired in 2007 and no longer