I experienced that unusual place for the first time!
I was nervous all the morning, before going there.
That place is…

It was a radio recording studio, I visited!

Cool microphones!!
Big booth!!
Many people!!

I was all nervous waiting there with my heart pounding…

Inside, I met with a band named “Ikimono – gakari”
All members: Yoshiki Mizuno, Kiyoe Yoshioka, Hotaka Yamashita.
*They are very famous in Japan.

Their song titled “Egao” (“Smile”) is a theme song for an upcoming this summer,
new Pokémon movie.
*Japanese title will be: ” Shinsoku no Genesect Mewtwo Kakusei ”

I was already totally nervous.
And then…

I became a special guest on “Ikimono – gakari” radio program called:
“Ikimono – gakari’s Garden Party”

The recording started and our chat went very well.
Everyone was very kind, so I wasn’t so nervous anymore.

Time passed really quickly in a nice atmosphere, and we finished.
With everyone’s help, I will remember my first radio recording
as a very nice experience :)

We talked about music and Pokémon related themes.
If You wanna know more, please check it out.

I want to thank to all band members for a great time.



“Ikimono – gakari’s Garden Party”
The episode I was invited to.
*Pokemon Official Site:

Ikimono – gakari’s official sight:

Leader, Mr. Mizuno’s twitter: