Finally, Blu-ray version released!
“STAR TREK (2009)”

It’s just swell!
Perfectly made!
I got goosebumps all over me when
initial music came out!
and also title logo came out!
Its just well made!

Good movie does agitates me.
Expression of place, era, futuristic image
were just beautiful.
Not only using narration and words,
small detailed parts are explained by visual!

Scenario, conversations, visual, music,
all of them are superb!
I strongly recommend to watch this movie!

*If you don’t have a chance to see
any STAR TREK movie,
I recommend you to start with the old movie
starring William Shatner.



On November 20th 2009, 11:30PM.
Front of Shibuya station, Tokyo.
An image of Pokemon appeared
on four giant screens at the intersection.

Yes, Pokemon Gold/Silver hail its
10th anniversary on next day, 21st.

Here is the memorial image!

I also watched this image.
The music I created long ago,
it was played with loud music and
nostalgic feeling occupied my heart.
This strong impression made me happy.

From January 29th 2010,
MEW will be distributed to the following
game paks. “Pokemon
Heart Gold/Soul Silver”
Please receive it!


Here’s more.


*(This “Gold and Silver” Mew campaign is
available only in Japan.)


Have you reached to the ending of
“Heart Gold” and/or “Soul Silver”?

On October 28th, sound track of
“Heart Gold/Soul Silver” have released!

When the launch of original Pokemon “Gold/Silver”,
we didn’t release sound track CD.
Therefor it took decade to create one.

When I visited Pokemon Center Tokyo
the other day, sound track CD were arrayed
and I was quite fascinated.

With our sound staff’s fastidious
music arrange and original
sound by Game Boy player…
Totally it’s up to 270 tracks!!
It’s just awesome!

When we are developing original
“Gold/Silver”, the music was created by
the machine called Amiga.
Then, converted to MIDI data and lastly,
reconverted to make as a Game Boy sound.

I, myself programmed the original music.
Some of the tracks were created straight to
Game Boy sound, so MIDI data won’t exist.
Therefor I believe it was very difficult
to represent the old Game Boy music.

Especially the music of UNOWN from radio!
This tune was created with particular arrangement
and I believe it was very hard to recreate!

It comes with 3cds and 24 pages of booklet!
There are comments of sound staff(including myself).
Please listen!


*(This Pokemon “Gold and Silver” CDs are
available only in Japan.)